Posted by: r.m. | August 17, 2009

which site? you tell me…

I’m thinking of moving this site to

or to

All would remain the same except the name. So rather than calling this site ‘greenresistance’ – and thus emphasizing ‘resistance’ – the site would be called ‘ecosight’ – and thus emphasizing the need to *see* ‘eco’ – i.e., our home through both ecology and economics.

What do you prefer?



  1. Greetings Dr. Rania

    Actually i prefer if you leave it the way it is now, i.e. “greenresistance” which is a powerful and attractive name. But this is not the only reason why you should keep the name. I think if you change it into “ecosight”, then discussing political issues will be limited to those related to ecology. I know that no one can force you to limit the discussions, however the site’s name will not go with the contents…

    Anyways, that was my opinion and i hope that it was helpful.

  2. a rose by any name will smell the same 🙂

    i understand the urge to change names, i am having the same thought, but i haven’t found an alternative, so if u feel better changing, go ahead and do it, and u can continue discussing politics whatever the name is 🙂
    yalla try the new one, let’s see, we’ll call it: “ecosight previously known as greenresistance” hehee, like when lebanese change names and they write on their official id: “fulan al ma3roof bi 3illan sabiqan”

  3. no! keep it as is. and keep the focus on resistance!

  4. I like ‘ecothinking’. I don’t think of economics with ‘ecosight’. Maybe ‘ecoEmphasis’? ‘econscience’?! ‘sagegreen’? You know best!
    Whatever it is, from a greater distance now (north carolina) I admire your continued voice, wish I could fly over yonder, look around, say hello,

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