Posted by: r.m. | September 11, 2009

press tv interview

So, Press TV did this one-hour interview with Danny Schechter, Paul Craig Roberts, and me on 8-years post 9-11.

A few thoughts:

* The host referred to 9-11 as “the world’s deadliest terrorist attacks.” That may be true – only if the reference is limited to non-state actors.  Much of the US military’s actions can be classified as terrorist

* We still need to develop stronger language.  Too often, folks talk about the war “not being a success” and “not going well.” – But wait! What the hell is the objective of the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq for us to claim if it is “going well” or not?! What would the war look like for us to say it is “going well”? Well: it would “go well” when it would end, it would “be a success” when foreign troops return to their villages.

* If what Paul Craig Roberts said is correct — that one of the reasons that Obama cannot get out of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq because he’d be vilified by the right-wing media (which he already is being vilified for his meager health-care/insurance-option), and thus he’d have difficulty getting re-elected, then, basically, Obama is choosing his job over his principles.  In our every day lives, what would we call someone who chooses his job over his principles, particularly when that individual has the financial freedom to live without that job?  A coward? A man without principles? Why don’t we speak as clearly about politicians? Why do we give them more leniency than we’d give others?

* Danny Schechter is right: even such a limited conversation, as was had on Press TV, cannot be heard on mainstream/corporate US press. … Would it be heard on Press TV if Iran had a different relationship with the US government?

* One last point: I do not teach at the University of Beirut. There is no such university.



  1. Thank you for this. I shared your anger and frustration.

    Danny Schechter

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