Posted by: r.m. | September 11, 2009

was 9-11 so different from 9-10?

9-11 allowed US foreign and domestic policy to intensify – negatively  – but it did not create a new path.

two quick points:

– the attacks against civil rights did not begin most prominently with the so-called Patriot Act by Bush jr., but began with the 1996 anti-terrorism and effective death penalty act by Clinton.  civil rights have not been protected by Obama.

– the idea of a permanent war was not created by Bush (uh – I mean Cheney) – It was intensified by those neo-con criminals.

Someone said once: “”For the first time in American history, men in authority are talking about an ’emergency’ without a foreseeable end. … The only seriously accepted plan for ‘peace’ is a fully loaded pistol. In short, war or a high state of war preparedness is felt to be the normal and seemingly permanent condition of the United States.”
Historian C. Wright Mills in his book ‘The Power Elite’ – back in 1951 – five years before President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned in his farewell address of the ascendancy of the military-industrial complex (a phrase that originally included the word congressional). As if speaking today, Mills said of the power elite, “They have no image of what ‘victory’ might mean, and they have no idea of any road to victory.” He recounted an interview between Gen. James Van Fleet and a reporter over the stalemate produced by the Korean War:
Reporter: “How may we know, General, when and if we achieve victory?”
Van Fleet: “I don’t know, except that somebody higher up will have to tell us.”

And something else that is not new: the resistance to occupation, to injustice, to the attitudes of defeatism and fatalism.

something else that is not new: hope


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