Posted by: r.m. | September 24, 2009

resistance…has many forms

September 24 1982. The day that Khaled Alwan resisted the Israeli occupation of Beirut in the ‘Wimpy Operation.’

Every year, on that day, the Syrian Social Nationalist Party organizes a gathering in front of Wimpy. (A few years ago, Wimpy was sold and became the 3rd Vero Moda clothing store to be found on the same short Hamra street.) Three years ago, the SSNP organized a march. This year, they organized a gathering.  Approximately 300 people came and gathered.

I listened to the speeches. The acknowledgment of the importance of resistance then, of the collaboration amongst other political parties, such as the Communist Party, in the resistance against the Israeli occupation,  and of the importance of resistance now, and, of course, of Palestine and the ongoing occupation in Palestine. All good.

In my mind I wrote another speech, though.

The need for all other forms of resistance, and other forms of liberation. Economic resistance against the corporations that are eating away at the culture of the country, taking over the small stores and replacing them with generic, corporate, consumeristic stores — such as Vero Moda, and Starbucks, and Costa up the road — where once there was Wimpy, Cafe de Paris, and Modcha, to name a few historic cafes. Economic liberation against the stores and products that support the Zionist state through their investments in Israel — stores such as Starbucks, and products such as Estee Lauder (and all their subsidiaries) — found on the same street as the protest itself.  Economic – -and national —  liberation from the move to join the WTO.

And another form of resistance and liberation. Refusing to forget. And, more importantly, refusing to believe the the struggle cannot be won. Liberating ourselves from defeatism, from a sense of hopelessness,



  1. There is an assault on culture by the capitalist, Zionist, and imperialist global-corporations. Culture, everywhere in this world, is fading away, slowly vanishing for ever. Never to come back. Threby, culture should be included in the “endangered species list.”

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