Posted by: r.m. | October 16, 2009

who am i?

Try to guess…

20 clues for a Riddle: Who am I? by Abed Zahzah

Like the Pyramids, I was made by special Men who defied nature’s ability to create beauty & volume.
I am an Engineering Concept that deserves to be considered along the New Wonders of the World. Vote for me on the Internet, not for Jeita Grotto.

Like the Arabian Nights, I am this magical place where everything is there, yet I am dangerous & deadly.
I was not born out of Human Imagination, but rather Human hands, feet, mouth, & other elements… I am reality beyond Fiction.

I am the biggest box of lost & found ever created.
I am the widest holder of secrets of cities & people.
I am a non-virtual Google search engine box.
I am the tallest History book.
I am a reference to Urban Anthropology.

I am a hill that doesn’t stop to grow.
I don’t need Tectonic activity from below.
I jazz up from the Sky.
And I am still going up high, until it snows
I will be the first Ski Slope that drops directly into the sea.

I am a political mountain.
I don’t smell. I am organic.
I am a mirror, a reflection of society.
I am a material manifestation of the Lebanese tribal constitution.
I was born in 1975. I was beefed up in 1982. I grew after the Taef accords. I am still spreading into the sea after the Doha accords.
I am the Trash Mountain of Sidon and I am 100% “Made in Lebanon”.

Abed Zahzah



  1. is that the same mountain that was made with equipment from the zionist entity (the ibc soid waste facility)? if so, i wonder if your riddle has something to do with the 100% made in lebanon bit…

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