Posted by: r.m. | October 19, 2009

Agriculture in Lebanon

“Official Neglect Impacts the Farmers” … Citrus groves and grape orchards being replaced with greenhouses throughout the Lebanese coast.



  1. The lebanese crops are nowadays being replaced by may greenhouses, some of the fruits that we wait for from season to season are now availabe any time. I personaly would not eat such fruit and vegetables.I prefer to eat them from season to season first because its healthier and second because i eat them and they taste fresh.
    some belive that greenhouse allow as toeat fruits that we dont have and need but i beleive that as long as we have fresh ones , they’re better to eat.

  2. It is not only the quality of vegetables that is a problem for us but also the unorganized construction of these plastic agriculture houses. They are increasing in number all over the Lebanese coast from south to north. Near houses, near schools , everywhere actually !!! almost wherever you go on the Lebanese coast you are going to see them. which i found it as bigger problem than the vegetable taste because it concerns the green house effect in a harmful way. And this harm will eventually affect us because we are seriously almost feeling the effect of climate change all over the country. As more hot and whet it is, as more as bacterias, viruses , and even harmful insects such as mosquitoes are making our lives harder. And sadly their is no serious government enough to take the responsibility and take actions to limit these plastic houses, and encourage the re-plantation of citrus groves and grape orchards that were some of our strongest economically exporting agriculture.

  3. It is a shame that agriculture is going down in Lebanon. We aren’t a productive country, we don’t have industries, we used to live because of tourism but now even that is affected by the 2006 war. What was left to retrograde? agriculture. Well it did.
    Working on autoproductivity is an optimistic solution , but I think that in this country, we should not hope a lot. But on the other hand I should not be that pessimistic, maybe if we all work together and encourage local agriculturers we could get somewhere.

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