Posted by: r.m. | October 20, 2009

Fidel Castro on Evo Morales

This is an excerpt of Fidel Castro’s October 15 statement on Obama receiving the Nobel Peace Prize…

“Bolivia is fostering a wonderful program under the leadership of an Aymara president with the support of his people.

Illiteracy was eradicated in less than three years: 824,101 Bolivian learned how to read and write; 24,699 did so also in Aymara and 13,599 in Quechua. Bolivia is the third country free of illiteracy, following Cuba and Venezuela.

It provides free healthcare to millions of people who had never had it before. It is one of the seven countries in the world with the largest reduction of infant mortality rate in the last five years and with a real possibility to meet the Millennium Goals before the year 2015, with a similar accomplishment regarding maternal deaths. It has conducted eye surgery on 454,161 persons, 75,974 of them Brazilians, Argentineans, Peruvians and Paraguayans.

Bolivia has set forth an ambitious social program: every child attending school from first to eighth grade is receiving an annual grant to pay for the school material. This benefits nearly two million students.

More than 700,000 persons over 60 years of age are receiving a bonus equivalent to some 342 dollars annually.

Every pregnant woman and child under two years of age is receiving an additional benefit of approximately 257 dollars.

Bolivia, one of the three poorest nations in the hemisphere, has brought under state control the country’s most important energy and mineral resources while respecting and compensating every single affected interest. It is advancing carefully because it does not want to take a step backward. Its hard currency reserves have been growing, and now they are no less than three times higher than they were at the beginning of Evo’s mandate. It is one of the countries making a better use of external cooperation and it is a strong advocate of the environment.

In a very short time, Bolivia has been able to establish the Biometric Electoral Register and approximately 4.7 million voters have registered, that is, nearly a million more than in the last electoral roll that in January 2009 included 3.8 million.

There will be elections on December 6. Surely, the people’s support for their President will increase. Nothing has stopped his growing prestige and popularity.

Why is he not awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?

I understand his great disadvantage: he is not the President of the United States of America.”

To read the article in full, go to: Znet Commentaries



  1. Nobel Peace Prize for Morales??
    Morales is an assassin!!!

    “… no man, no problem.”
    Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili.
    Magyarosi Árpád was assassinated by a group of assassins cops (militars? from Venezuela??) in a hotel Las Americas during being asleep in the Bolivian Santa Cruz .
    Arpad was invited for a 1-month visit to Bolivia by his friend from his childhood, Toaso Elod now in prison. He was a university student in Hungary. He bought his own ticket on his own money. He arrived to Viru Viru airport (Santa Cruz). About his personality: he was very calm, with high knowledge in arts, was a teacher, he could not and would not commit either in his head anything he is accused of!

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