Posted by: r.m. | October 21, 2009

climate change, activism, and Lebanon

The Man In The Cube  – in case you missed it – check it out here, and here – will be on Kalam el Nass with Marcel Ghanem tomorrow on LBC. Check it out.



  1. I am just curious to know what he wrote on the wall of the cube because i think it is his own experiment as well as his real feelings.It is not clear please help me, however; i will for sure watch him tomorrow to know his opinion and avoid being later in this situation.

  2. O.M.G ramy is cute i’m watching him right now !!!!He took risk of being dehydrated while spending his 1st day in 50 cm of salty water.
    I was surprised when i knew that in 2050 we will not have enough food for our children and soon the sea level will increase by 68 m so Beyrouth will be submerged!!!! really interesting ….

  3. really shoking infos. Beirut in 2050 will almost disappear. we really need a rapid solution…

  4. I checked this a long time ago but I forgot to comment. I remember I was surprised by the way this man is communicating information. So many papers have been written and so many scientists have been calling out for help, but I think that this guy succeeded more in bringing people’s attention to what will happen to our planet.

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