Posted by: r.m. | October 21, 2009

ecological health, cows’ health, human health…and vice-versa

here’s another example on the link between factory farming – and its ecologically harmful practices and its inhuman practices – and our human health: Hormones in U.S. Beef Linked to Increased Cancer Risk



  1. We are taught in the nutrition course that what the FDA, the USDA and the guidelines for americans are quite reliable sources of infromation about the health of our foods. Apparently, after reading this article, we have to reconsider our reliability and be critical about everything. If the USDA as well as the FDA are covering up for illegal use of hormones that clearly increases the risk of cancer, even in children, we should be extremely aware, and try not to buy hormone-treated beef in order to discourage its production.

  2. Nowadays we need to be very carefull about what we eat, from where it comes and if it has any bad effect on human’s health. Companies are not caring for human health; their only purpose is to make money…

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