Posted by: r.m. | October 21, 2009

hungry reindeer, bigger corporations, and misunderstanding of wealth

check out both these reports:

Yamal peninsula: The world’s biggest gas reserves

Large-scale exploration of Earth’s biggest gas reserves would release millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and threaten local nomadic herders and ecosystems


Climate change in Russia’s Arctic tundra: ‘Our reindeer go hungry. There isn’t enough pasture’

For 1,000 years the indigenous Nenets people have herded their reindeer along the Yamal peninsula. But their survival in this remote region of north-west Siberia is under serious threat from climate change as Russia’s ancient permafrost melts



  1. All of these unnatural changes happening in Russia with the reindeer and ice melting are more than enough to see the dramatic image of climate change effects all over the world. I can’t imagine myself living currently in Russia or north Canada or even Australia without getting panic from all these world changes. Although they seem concentrated in specific places and regions but they are resulting in the same Freaking Theme ” World Climate Change” that is sending its warnings and alarming humanity from a bigger closer danger if no soon effective actions are being took seriously enough to regulate the changes happening in the environment.

  2. i definetly disagree with the behaviour of russian industries, especially the very ambitious gasprom gas company who, by the way have opened a branch here in Dbayeh Lebanon.
    I am totally disgusted by how the capitalists treat native poeple such as the Nenets, giving them 40 pounds for each dead raindeer, upon which their food and activities depend on. They are simply making fun of them!!
    It is a shame how these poor poeple are treated. The disrespect they have to bare as well as the destruction of their environment to which they adapted is just not human.
    As for Gasprom, to build a new city, to better exploit the natural ressources, to fill in (even more) the already full pockets of some millionaires, is ready to poison the whole planet with the trapped carbon dioxide and the methane that will be released.
    I don’t know if this project will boost the economy of the most beautiful country on earth, but I am sure it will bring a lot of harm to all the countries.
    As you all know, Russia is a cold country, and temperatures there reach minus 30 easily during winter. It is kind of natural that the people there won’t be very sad to hear that the weather is going to heaten up a bit. Although their partial indifference is comprehensible, we should put in more efforts to try to open up the eyes of the russian people on the future of our planet.

  3. oops, didn’t realize that my previous comment was so large..

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