Posted by: r.m. | October 21, 2009

worst drought in the region

from the BBC:

Villages struggle in Syria drought

The United Nations says Syria urgently needs help to tackle the devastating effects of the worst drought the Middle East has seen in decades.

Iraq, parts of Turkey, Jordan and Syria have all been affected, with more than a million people affected in Syria alone.

Natalia Antelava spoke to one woman in a Syrian village who described the impact it has had on her family life.

Check it out here (3 minute duration). Note the powerful first sentence: UN says 1.3 million people in Syria have already been affected by the drought!


  1. Well God be with those poor people, i saw the video and it is very disappointing and depressing to see such melancholy. I beleive that those are the real people that needs help.
    Also its very important for us to open our eyes for this soon-gonna-be disaster of climate change leading to droughts and war over water. Our children will face tough times if we keep on doing whatever we are doing and persist on messing up the world.

  2. This video is actually one the million things I thank God for my life. Because that is what we could call: “pure misery” ! No food , no money and even no water or fertile land to plant !!
    there is no words good enough to describe my feeling about what is happening in Syria, but I’m sure about one thing now, that I will be more economic in using water at home and outside, and hope that will we have solutions and actions soon that might prevent our children from facing the same destiny of those people.

  3. the video that is attatched to this document is very interesting. it is one of the ways that we can show people how climate change is affecting us.
    Mostly people in lebanon and the arab world should see that they are at risk of such harsh living and that they are going to suffer.
    I hope that all see this video and realize how important water is and how bad climate change is affecting it.

  4. really guys you are right. we need to find realistic and fast solutions for this climate change issue starting from ourselves; and of course not forgetting ways to help people who are suffering from drought around Syria and other countries. It’s surprising how humans changed Nature!

  5. It is good to show the world what happens in arab countries because not only the rich developped countries get affected. I think that this is good way to mobilize people’s emotions and push them to act. As Renee said, we need to start with ourselves by trying as much as possible to save energy and to reduce wastes.

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