Posted by: r.m. | October 23, 2009

Climate Change: worse …

“A nightmare in the not-very-distant future: the map below shows the enormous temperature rises which British scientists believe the planet may be experiencing in as a little as 50 years from now if global warming remains unchecked.  Released by the [UK] Government today, the map illustrates... a rise in global average temperature of four degrees Centigrade by 2060, and as such represents a dramatic acceleration of previous forecasts made as recently as 2007 by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). …. Britain may see an average rise of three degrees – which itself would have very damaging consequences in terms of drought and extreme heatwaves – Siberia and northern Canada may experience an immense rise of 12 degrees or even more. Scientists believe this may trigger a climate “tipping point” – the melting of the permafrost under the northern tundras which, if it happened, would release large amounts of trapped methane gas, which in turn would boost global warming yet further. … Over the Arctic Ocean in the far north, the rise might be a colossal 15 or even 16 degrees, which would mean the complete disappearance of all the Arctic ice in summer and spell extinction for ice-dependent wildlife such as polar bears and walruses.

The map shows rises of five degrees in Asia, seven degrees in Africa and parts of the US and eight degrees in the Amazon rainforest, all of which will have devastating consequences for some of the world’s poorest people. Rises like this are likely to lead to maize and wheat yields falling by 40 per cent across the world, and rice yields in China, India, Banglasdesh and Indonesia falling by 30 per cent – all at a time when world population is expected to grow from 6.9 billion today to more than 9 billion people.

Water resources are likely to be severely affected by a 70 per cent reduction in run-off around the Mediterranean, southern Africa and large areas of South America, forest fires are likely to be much more dangerous everywhere and warming-induced sea-level rise will affect millions more people in low-lying nations such as Bangladesh.”

Read the article in full and see the map



  1. OH my God !!!!!! Lord be mercy upon us. That map made me feel that shooting myself in the head now is a much better choice that living in the conditions of what will happen probably in 2060. I only focused on examining the middle east region and Lebanon and had a shock for half an hour looking over and over at the map, but i couldn’t imagine it for real !!
    I don’t know want to comment other than may God be mercy on us even thus we have shown no mercy against our selves, our environment, and our planet.

  2. Well, i don’t know about the readers, but i didn’t need the map to see what is or will be happening. I was in Lebanon this summer, and since my arrival to the Airport i felt that there was something wrong. The temperature was 35 Celsius (or more). I asked my father for how long we’ve had this temperature, and he answered: since spring time approximately.
    On top of that, i stayed in Lebanon about three months and the temperature didn’t decrease under 32 Celsius.
    To be honest, i thought that the influence of climate change is coming in the next couple of years. I guess i was wrong…

  3. Climate change is a very serious issue which un fortunatly people are not being aware of and are not even tring to help stop it if they know. when i saw the map i was shooked and amazed of how fast climate change’s effects are going to spread so fast and affect many. People should see this map and try to tghe best they can to save their planet that they call home because if things go on like this , god help us we shall suffer alot

  4. Ghadia B, I think any human being living in our century should be perfectly aware that God has absolutely nothing to do with all the changes happening, or that are to happen to our planet, and thus to us. We should fully take responsability for rendering the conditions so unbearable not only to other living beings on earth but to us as well. We are the ones who want comfortable lives with all the machines and industrial facilitations and luxuries that are conceivable, therefore we are the ones to blame and to be asked to have mercy upon ourselves.

  5. One more thing that is quite extraordinary is the positive feedback mechanism that nature adopts. It is amazing how all these released methane gases trapped in the ice boosts up the climate change further. It is as if nature is taking its revenge. I can imagine what goes through her head (imagine that she has one): You guys have made me suffer for so long.. I won’t be so easy to handle, I might even help you worsen the situation because you silly ones, it is your lives that will soon turn to hell!!!

  6. I’d have to agree with Jessica on this one. I don’t want to re-state the obviousness of the matter. However I’d like to add that this reminds me of when an economy goes through a recession. This is just nature’s way to have a series of positive feedbacks, an amplification of what what may seem “harmful/bad” to us humans but is only in the name of survival and balance. The planet will live on, with or without us. People seem to have become oblivious to the fact that we need “Her” and not the other way around.

  7. climate change is a fruit of human labour. the truth is really awfull.

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