Posted by: r.m. | October 27, 2009

Roadster. Want food poisoning?

So, Sunday I was struck with a headache that grew mean and dug its roots into my eyes. Thus, the pain prompted me to walk (quite slowly) to a pharmacy for medication (i.e an injection). Two hours later, my headache receded and I had an intense craving for a hamburger. So, I ordered one from Roadster.  It was mediocre. … But at 5 am the next day, I awoke with food poisoning.  Quite intense, violent food poisoning.  At 3 pm, I called Roadster to let them know and they said: “I’m sorry. Salemtik.”  Pathetic, eh?

So, I’m telling you all now.



  1. I believe that this is very typical in every lebanese company or even in a small grocery store. I really think that calling a doctor would be better in all cases, at least you would have a chance that he is going to pick up and tell you: Yes, i have a solution for your problem! However, again, this will happen only if you are lucky enough!

  2. Wow, salamtek …. Very smart thing to say 😛 … Well I eat Roadsters quite frequently but thankGod i never went ill !! … maybe it was a re-heated burger or something. If that Happened in a civilised country, I bet they would have gave you a month supply of free food just so you dont sue them, but obviously we live in a more civilised country where they say …”salemtek..”

  3. Dear R.M,

    First of all, on behalf of Roadster diner, I would like to sincerely apologize that I was not able to get in contact with you sooner; therefore I would be highly appreciative if you can send us your email and mobile number so that we can contact you in order to get more details regarding your feedback.
    Looking forward for your reply.

    Maya Bassil
    Customer Service Manager
    Plaza Center, Block E, 1st Flr., Bsalim
    P.O.Box 70849, Antelias, Lebanon
    T: +961 (4)720005, ext: 103
    F: +961 (4)720006

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