Posted by: r.m. | October 28, 2009

illegal diamonds from the Ivory Coast -> Lebanon

“The government and former rebels in Ivory Coast have repeatedly violated a U.N. arms embargo — and a ban on diamond exports is being flouted with help from many countries, according to a report by U.N. exports. … The experts recommended that the Israeli government investigate the possible involvement of Israeli nationals and companies in the illegal export of Ivorian rough diamonds, and they called on Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates to regulate and monitor diamond polishing activities to deter the illegal import and processing of stones from Ivory Coast.”



  1. It is a shame how many efforts remain vain. Corruption is taking over the world and men proove everyday the theories about selfishness and eager for power right. Drug traffics, diamond traffics as well as weapon traffics are all components of our current world, which add to it corrosion and deterioration. I really hope that someday soon a new system will rise where the rights of the people will be properly protected and the natural ressources of a country won’t be exploited and exhausted to the benefit of foreign, violently powerful authorities.

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