Posted by: r.m. | November 17, 2009

Lebanon exporting leopards and a bad reputation

لبنان يصدّر الفهود … والسمعة السيّئة

(in violation of the Convention against International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). Read the article in full by clicking on the title above)

فاقت شهرة لبنان في الاتجار غير الشرعي بالحيوانات في أعوام السلم الأهلي، شهرته في تجارة المخدّرات وتبييض الأموال إبّان الحرب الأهلية. وفيما يسعى اللبنانيون إلى أن يدخلوا كتاب غينيس للأرقام القياسية عبر أطباق ضخمة من الحمّص والتبّولة، فإنه كان بإمكانهم تحطيم الأرقام القياسية من باب إعادة تصدير حيوانات مهدّدة بالانقراض كالفهد الأفريقي، الذي يصدّر على أنه.. لبنانيّ المنشأ!



  1. dr they said that ppl are exporting elephant the question is: do we have elephants in lebanon???

  2. The question is that why is lebanon doing so when they can actually keep then and raise them and protect them from beening extinct. Why do the lebanese people believe that they are doing something good for these animals when they are actually destroying them and not giving them a chance.

  3. this article is exaggerating the issue… the elephant is not a part of the lebanese ecosystem , so it can be considered as any goods exported to other country…

  4. Lebanese people are out of ideas on how to make money. The animals were the only ones left until the idea occured to some corrupted fellow who felt like buying a new car. Apparently for those people a range rover is better looking than a leopard.
    As for the convention against international trade of endengered species, well I bet the traders are a bunch of illetrate people incapable of even reading or understanding what they read. What to expect from such people? They would sell themselves for a buck. I simply pity them.

  5. it just pisses me off to see that my favorite animal is getting treated as such in my country if it was up to me i’d publically execute each one responsible as a way to scare people from wildlife trafficking.

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