Posted by: r.m. | December 1, 2009


i have a little break so i’m stealing some time to share these words

…Perhaps one of the joys of living in Beirut is that it grants me a greater appreciation of other places.  Notably, a greater appreciation of different sounds.

Yes, the sounds of the rainforest. the birds. the leaves rustling. and the joy of no city noise.  (I would love to tape the sounds and have my ecology class listen to it.)

I am staying in a resort (see ) – nestled amidst a  rainforest,  close to a national rainforest reserve.  Yesterday morning, I walked down to the Panama Canal with a colleague. (I’ll upload the pictures later; my apologies).  On the way there, I saw a bright blue butterfly as big as a songbird, and an agouti, and numerous birds whose names I do not know.  We also saw a large boat crossing the Canal, and large train crossing the tracks.

This morning, we woke up before sunrise so we could see the colors and hear more marvelous birds.  Surprisingly, the breaking of the dawn is quite fast.

[ooh – meeting is back. more later.]

for some pictures, check out these photos taken by amateur photographer Stefan – a colleague at the training


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