Posted by: r.m. | December 8, 2009

amazing ants

Like I said to a neighbor, even the ants in Panama are amazing. (ferjee, as I told him).  Check them out, these magnificent leaf cutter ants!



  1. amaaazing video… i can’t beleive what i’ve seen… red ants transporting leaves of a tree or more exactly a tree… they are very active…

  2. it’s realy a great video but still,, i prefer to be one of the big ants.. in the army side 😛 not a transporter!! the big one are the one doing much work i guess in protecting the smaller ones 😀

  3. These ants are awesome…i’ve never seen such thing in my whole life, thank you doctor for sharing it with us 🙂

  4. The music in the video is very nice, I had the impression the ants were dancing! I have a growing ineterest for ants now that I have got to know them better. It seems that they are one of the most interesting communities that have ever existed on earth. It is very interesting to know how they are organized and how they divide the tasks among each other.

  5. so cute:) actually ants are active,,but i get really shocked what i saw in video.

  6. yeah the ants are very nice. they are probably one of the most known ants but they still are able to perform incredible feats such as using the leaves to grow a fungus they feed on(like farmers).

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