Posted by: r.m. | December 9, 2009

Lebanon and Copenhagen

There is much I want to write and say about the proceedings in Copenhagen – and the Lebanese government’s (led by Saudi Arabia) truly pathetic position. For now, this article will suffice. and read this article as well



  1. I really liked the first article, it sheds the light on the idea of how much Lebanon’s position is very poor towards COP15. And i think that our defendant is the one who is putting this idea into our heads, although as the article claims, that our graduates are the smartest. And Doctor, i believe that we have always been lead by such countries (Saudi Arabia, …) not only now at this committee.

  2. I am surprised to know that Lebanon consumes electricity and oil much more than it should. For the lebanese people this is paradoxal because we all have problems with lack of electricity.
    A good description of Lebanon was provided by the articles.
    I suggest that every lebanese should reduce the use of his car as mush as possible. Car pooling could be a step forward. The other problem is, as mentionned in the article, the lack of public transport in Lebanon. We can only hope that the government will soon establish a good transportation system.

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