Posted by: r.m. | December 10, 2009

Copenhagen… Gaza..

Among all the complex and long-term solutions being sought in Copenhagen for averting environmental catastrophe across the world, there is one place where the catastrophe has already happened, but could be immediately ameliorated with one simple political act.

In Gaza there is now no uncontaminated water; of the 40,000 or so newborn babies, at least half are at immediate risk of nitrate poisoning – incidence of “blue baby syndrome”, methaemoglobinaemia, is exceptionally high; an unprecedented number of people have been exposed to nitrate poisoning over 10 years; in some places the nitrate content in water is 300 times World Health Organisation standards; the agricultural economy is dying from the contamination and salinated water; the underground aquifer is stressed to the point of collapse; and sewage and waste water flows into public spaces and the aquifer.

The blockade of Gaza has gone on for nearly four years, and the vital water and sanitation infrastructure went past creaking to virtual collapse during the three-week assault on the territory almost a year ago.




  1. When is this going to an end? power really needs to be equalised! where are human rights??? 😦

  2. Power won’t be equalized on its own.
    Human rights won’t be granted on their own.

    The question is: what are we going to do? What are you and I going to do? What are we doing?

    How can we participate in creating a better world?

  3. What should we do? What can we, as lebanese young people do to help? By reading those articles I get horrified and I would really love to alloctae some of my time to make someone else’s life a bit better.
    If water is poisonned in Gaza, I wonder in what state are the rest of the things, including food, shelters, drugs and so on.

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