Posted by: r.m. | December 17, 2009

for my smoking students

“One genetic mutation occurs on average for every 15 cigarettes that a typical lung-cancer patient smokes, according to a study that has identified for the first time all of the mutations acquired during the lifetime of a cancer patient.”



  1. wish that everybody understands this message… wish i can forbid smoking in the university (since neither of my family members smoke)

    • Me to Renee, i wish i could forbid smoking at all !! even thus most of the people know and understand how dangerous it’s is !! they conveince themselves that they are somehow addicted and it’s to hard and to late for them to stop !! 😦 from my own experience after a bad fight with a person whom i realy care so much about due to smoking issue, i began smoking my self from 2 years and continued till 3 month than stoped it at one day to prove for that person that it is never to late and addiction is more psycholigal than physical !! I hope you smokers understand that GOD gave you a healthy body to keep it and protect it, not to kill it !! while others born with asma and respiratory problems wish to live one single day in that healthy body you smokers were borned with !!

  2. ghadia your experience is so impressive ,,,, but dont u believe that everyone is free to do whatever he wants with his body,,, so we shouldnt fight smoking… we should only be against smoking in public places 😀

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