Posted by: r.m. | December 22, 2009

attention ecology students

Dear ecology students

As some of you have heard, there is no university tomorrow. Consequently, there will not be an ecology exam tomorrow. The exam will be on the next time we meet.

Here is the announcement from the university:

جامعة البلمند

تنعي فقيدها الغالي

عميد الأكاديمية اللبنانية للفنون الجميلة

الأستاذ جورج قيصر حداد

الذي انتقل إلى رحمته تعالى نهار الثلاثاء الواقع فيه 22 كانون الأول 2009.

تنكس الأعلام وتقفل الجامعة أبوابها في كافة فروعها يومي الأربعاء والخميس

في 23 و24 كانون الأول 2009.



  1. Merry Christmas Dr. Rania!
    It’s very sad what happened to the dean and to our test as well.
    I would like to tell you that we already have a test on january 8 (nutrition) which is the next time we meet. I suggest we postpone the exam till the 2nd time we meet which will be on january 13.

  2. Merry Christmas Dr. Rania.
    As Jessica said about postponing our exam because we already have a biology (BIOL203) test on january 8.

  3. happy new years everybody

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