Posted by: r.m. | January 15, 2010

climate change and The Nile

How climate change is shrinking the river Nile

The water level of the river Nile – crucial to the economy in many parts of Uganda, Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia – is dropping. Film-maker Andrew Johnstone follows the course of the Nile to discover how climate change is already affecting the river’s farming communities

check out the video.


  1. why ?? is it us realy ?? or is it the nature mainly?? or is it God’s destiny ?? for every thing there is a reason.. that’s what i beleive.. so what is it ??

  2. i realy hate this question !! WHY ?? 😦
    w’ll never know everything !!

  3. Ghadia,

    the question has been answered scientifically: Climate Change is due to human activities.


  4. Humans are responsable for everything! we need rapid solutions! :S

  5. Humans are responsible for the distruction of such beatiful resources. They are directly increasing global warming and green house gases, that will lead to such catastrofies like what is happening in the nile. the question is why? and how to stop it?

  6. Egypt do not give a damn on Nile pollution.
    Read my blog on this subject.

  7. Well the shrinking of the nile is one consequence among many of the climate change.
    After checking the blog of A Roberts I really wonder if the people whose lives are getting directly affected by the fluctuations of the nile are doing anything to stop it or at least reduce it.

  8. Ghadia, humans are responsible. It may be more ‘convenient’ for some to blame it on other factors, but sadly this is our own making. The science museum in London is currently running a nice exhibition on this topic. Check out their website at

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