Posted by: r.m. | January 15, 2010

frogs. more ranitas. and others

We talked about frogs in ecology class this morning. (actually, I talked about frogs 🙂

and today, The Guardian, has this beautiful photographic presentation of some new species of frogs.

Check it out

note the glass frog — you can his/her heart through his/her transparent chest!

and there is also this new, unidentified snail-sucking snake : – )

these animals have such character!



  1. what a lovely pics 😛 ” i mean the frog not the snake” but imagine us TRANSPARENT 😀 hehe.. I won’t say more , just imagine it !! but actualy we should be saying : “thank you dear forgs for protecting us from such kind of mutations”

  2. amazing pics! hehe ghadia with what we are eating are respiring, mutations are on the road to change humans as well! hope not!

  3. oh my god the colors of the snake are amazing!

  4. Oh My God.. i think it’s an amazing frog, i have never seen one before! it’s really weird but startling at the same time…i guess that it’s wonderful to see a human heart for instance, beating through his/her skin, as Ghadia mentioned above…In addition, through all my research, I’ve never perceived such a beautifully colored snake and it sucks snails just like that! Thank you Dr.Rania for these marvelous pictures from nature…

  5. Reptiles are far from being my favourite but I have to admit that this frog has something to be admired for. As for the snakes, despite their beautiful colours I am afraid that I would have to be on Ghadia’s side. This is probably because of a bad cartoon me and Ghadia happened to watch when we were kids. Who knows!

  6. It’s not very surprising, given frog’s sensitivity to variations, that one could find such diversity. Being transparent seems like a good idea for mutations “to aim at” in order to attain immunity against predators. However, a lot of predators rely on more sensory elements than just sight to get their preys. Could this attribute have more benefits than just escaping predators?

    And on what Renee commented, I’d like to state that “mutations” or evolution in humans is a constant process taking place at all times. A natural mutation wouldn’t be one that would occur overnight and unfold something (that we almost always register in our minds when we hear the word “mutations”) as to be unnatural, sci-fi-like, and repulsive. On the contrary, mutations, under the category of species evolution, is very much welcomed and necessary.

  7. wow
    it just goes to show that even if i know many species of animals one discovery such as this will always blow my mind. Absolutly stunning pics to think that such little critters exist.

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