Posted by: r.m. | January 15, 2010

Haiti: all earthquake?

The human loss from the earthquake – and its subsequent after-shocks – that have destroyed much of Haiti are tremendous. No doubt. 100,000 dead. 2-3 million homeless.  Hard to envision.

But the earthquake is not the solely responsible.

From the excellent Institute for Public Accuracy

Director of the Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti, Concannon lived in Haiti for eight years. He said today: “In the short term the Haitian people need the international community to respond to this tragedy with massive amounts of disaster relief. But in the long term, the Haitian people need the international community to stop imposing policies that make them more vulnerable to natural disasters. These policies include trade and aid policies that force rural Haitians into the cities where there is no safe housing for them, and political policies that undermine or overthrow democratically-elected governments that do try to provide safe housing and services in rural areas.”

Author of “The Rainy Season: Haiti Since Duvalier,” Wilentz is now a professor at the University of California at Irvine. One of the issues she can address is practices of environmental degradation that are often pursued in Haiti because of economic conditions, thus leaving the country more vulnerable to disasters.

Also see the Guardian’s article, Haiti: a long descent to Hell



  1. huge disaster! may god be with them!

  2. It is a huge disaster indeed Renee, and I heard a while ago that the president of Venezuella said that it was a nuclear trial of the americans that lead to the earthquake in Haiti and it was detected by the russians. I do not understand how the people of Haiti are expecting anything at all from the international community if the american government which holds all the power is suspected to have caused somthing as huge as an erathquake and destroyed people’s lives. Why should they care for little local things such as policies that make the haitian people more or less vulnerbale to natural disasters?

  3. The problem is, it was those forests, those tree roots, thahanley).

  4. The problem is, it was those forests, those tree roots, thahanley).

  5. The problem is, it was those forests, those tree roots, thahanley).

  6. sorry for these nonsense comments but my computer catches a virus and suddenly it stops functioning… the author of “Haiti, a long descent to hell” mentions a very critical point: “the problem is, it was those forests,those tree roots, that held the soil together” . so, deforestation is a main reason of this environmental crisis that Haiti suffered from.

  7. i would not be surprised if the American government was the source of the earthquake…On the other hand, i would not be surprised either if the Russian government made the whole thing up. i do not beleive that we should rush into blaming people and countries just because of some claims made by one of the US’s enemies. I am not trying to deffend the US, i am just trying to be resonable by not formning opinions without being sure of the facts.

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