Posted by: r.m. | January 19, 2010

US and Haiti: the plundering continues

So, relief to Haiti is good, right?

Those who give are generous, right?

The US really cares about Haiti. Hey – there’s a black man as President – so he should care right?

uh… no. not at all. :

Here are three articles that shed some light on the US and Haiti

* Disaster Profiteering: US ‘Security’ Companies Offer ‘Services’ in Haiti, January 18

* Why The US Owes Haiti Billions, January 18

and then, get this –> Homeless Haitians Told Not to Flee to U.S. …

From that NY Times article:

“United States officials say they worry that in the coming weeks, worsening conditions in Haiti could spur an exodus. They have not only started a campaign to persuade Haitians to stay put, but they are also laying plans to scoop up any boats carrying illegal immigrants and send them to Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.

Department of Homeland Security officials have also transferred 200 illegal immigrants from the Krome Service Processing Center here — a federal jail for people awaiting deportation — to make room for a possible influx of Haitian migrants.

The State Department has also been denying many seriously injured people in Port-au-Prince visas to be transferred to Miami for surgery and treatment, said Dr. William O’Neill, the dean of the Miller School of Medicine at the University of Miami, which has erected a field hospital near the airport there.”



  1. the only comment i have is that if U.S. was a person it would need serious psychologic treatements… they need to open borders at least for few months to help people as much as they can not prevent Haitans from going to other countries to get some help…

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