Posted by: r.m. | January 31, 2010

attention ecology students

my dear ecology students: if you could, do go see “Avatar” (the movie) before the final exam. 🙂


  1. Doctor we have so much work to do! If you could remove a couple of chapters we would be pleased to go!!!:D

  2. Dr. I guess it is a lovely idea!! I was thinking that I have NOTHING “TO DO” just FEW exams(including ecology with its FEW chapters 😉 )!!! hehehe this is a lovely idea BUT it is not going to happen only after the finals 😀

  3. You both are so adorable – you made my mother laugh 🙂

  4. I just came back from the movies and I want to tell you that it is simply amazing!! I hope people could see behind the nice effects and the blue bodies. All those messages hidden and by parts brought to surface are to be spread among the ignorance and the cruelness of our people!

  5. For of what i have seen in this movie, i couldn’t help it but to recall the American mining invasion of African countries mainly Sudan, the one known for its globally rich land (diamonds, minerals, oil. and agricultural fertility).

    None of the facts screened in this film are the ideas of a creative writer, but someone who intended to highlight some of the most severe world cases by disguising them under a blue skin and some fancy effects.

    I just hope that people would grow globally mature and have the responsibility to follow up every cause there exists, and maybe have the initiative to launch even a small awareness campaign. Every action no matter how tiny, could stir the public opinion, and the public will always be the only unstained/unbought source of power.

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