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So, a student in my ecology class today said he was born and raised in Venezuela.  Naturally, I smiled and told him that I love Venezuela.  After class, he asked me why.

On the drive back to Beirut, I thought about his question …and again I smiled.  : – )

Check out these posts.

It is not only that the PSUV under Chavez’s leadership has succeeded in reducing poverty, reducing (if not eliminating) illiteracy, etc. etc.  (although there have been mistakes in the process) — but more because an alternative vision has been developed, a vision of regional unity, a vision of an economy other than the destructive capitalistic version, and, even more so, because this vision has withstood hundreds of years of oppression (and here I am referring to the centuries of oppression (slavery, genocide, theft…) in latin america)!

What is happening in Venezuela and in Bolivia today is the fruition of hope.

It is most powerful for the same reason that Hezbollah is most powerful in the region: a vision of resistance, the success of resistance, of no longer asking for crumbs from the master’s table (now known as “moderation”) but of demanding justice and liberation and equality.

As Khalid Saghiyeh wrote today…

معادلة نصر اللّه الجديدة ليست كسر التفوّق العسكري الإسرائيلي وحسب، ولا كسر العنجهيّة الإسرائيليّة وحسب، بل أيضاً، قبل كلّ شيء، كسر الانكسار اللبناني والانكسار العربي



  1. No comment !! HE IS RIGHT !! That’s the biter truth!! :S

  2. why bitter?

  3. well i really hope that hezbollah comes to power so people discover that its domestic policies are anything but progressive. this is very similar to the ‘reformed’ leftist parties in europe who adopted neo liberal policies after the cold war. in opposition, hezbollah has a luxury which it will never have when it heads a government. i mean, do progressives really think that nasrallah will be different from hariri when it comes to health care, education, civil liberties, etc.? i think an arab version even remotely resembling chavez simply does not exist.

  4. كسر الانكسار اللبناني والانكسار العربي
    that is bitter !! i feel shame being lebanese and arabic at the same time, but with no true relation and bond to my other arabic brothers and sisters !! i hate sitting in front of the t.v every night watching where israel bombed and killed with no true reaction from my side or any arabic country side !! I can’t site and watch no more !! when are we going to be one hand !! an organised arabic nation as hosbalah is organised and committed !! 😦 it’s not because the shiaats is an organised religion, it’s because they are one hand working together, in trust and loyelty while others look for selfishness and material benefits!!
    isn’t this a Bitter Truth ??

  5. Dear Anonymous:

    I agree with you: the economic plan of Hezbollah is to the left of the Hariris, but not, in my view, sufficiently to the left. They are anti-union, for example. However, the comment that I quoted in Arabic and the strength that Hezbollah has given is in the demonstration that another vision is possible — i.e. that breaking our back kissing the ground to please the Israelis is not the way.

    Dear Ghadia:
    I don’t see it as an issue between Shi’a or between a certain religious group.
    Furthermore, there are many ways for resistance: we can always do more than merely sit and watch. There is the economic boycott. There is the economic liberation. There is the work here in Lebanon to return to the Palestinians here their civil, political, and legal rights. etc.
    So, no, my dear, it is not the bitter truth.


  6. I know dr. it’s not an issue !! i’m just talking about the organisation and the one hand work done by hesbolah that we don’t see even between palestanians devided between hamass and fatah !! from another side, i should start doing this kind of undirect resistance, even it’s hard to commit to 😦

  7. well Chavez was the only president who stood against the policy of the United states and Israel and this needs a lot of spirit , courage , and perception of the consequences .. by the way my sister lives in courasao next to caracas and she tells me that it is so beautiful over there .. Amazing beaches and marvelous sites that might make you make you live longer :p

  8. Unfortunately dr, i think there is a bitter truth. If we see the shameful positions of Arab countries (and the Egyptian wall of shame is just the tip of the iceberg), and the fact that resistance is today mainly driven by religious motto, we cannot feel something else but bitterness…
    Indirect resistance is not enough to face the huge support that western countries are giving to Israel nor overcome the immorality of most Arab countries…

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