Posted by: r.m. | February 18, 2010

farming in Lebanon…

challenges to farming in Lebanon



  1. Although the economy in Lebanon depends mainly on tourism and banking which is all related to business but we shouldn’t forget that agriculture is one of the most important sectors in determining the economy of any country and it is an important way to provide jobs for many. Not to mention that all the vegetables and fruits we are eating are made in Lebanon. For these reasons, the government should help this sector in all the ways especially financial ones since the workers in that sector are from the middle or lower class. In addition, the government should decrease the import of agricultural products that are sold in a lower price than the local ones but on the other side, the lebanese farmers should decrease their products’ prices to be a good stuff to compete the global market because Lebanon has all the qualification that it needs but with little control and management of his sources.

    • all what we hear from the goverment are complains, if they are looking for a good food industry, they should provide the farmers with new techniques instead of the traditional ways that takes ages.moreover the should educate those farmers how to treat the land and to obtain a good cultivation. and if they want to sell the local products, reduce the global products that arrive to our country or rise the taxes, let the local market compete with itself.
      lebanon needs guidance and he will do the job

  2. Recently, we have seen a lot of challanges facing the farming sector in lebanon starting from the importation of foreign goods into the country up until the sensorship and questioning to whether or not farming in Lebanon is healthy. Lately, the issue of misuse of pesticides was raised. I believe that Lebanese farmers lack proper education and that they farm in a more or less random way without even realizing the outcome of their randomness. They should be properly educated and taught the proper means of farming. Besides, i seriously don’t believe that the Lebanese sector of Agriculture can compete with any other sector because it is a minor sector in our economy and because it lacks proper guidance and fundings.

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