Posted by: r.m. | February 19, 2010

Killing our relatives permanently

On the brink of extinction – 25 of our closest relatives

The 'Stunningly beautiful, but a bit stupid' blue-eyed black lemur

The ‘Stunningly beautiful, but a bit stupid’ blue-eyed black lemur


  1. “The ski people have sent us a message… that they can take whatever they want… and no one can stop them… well we will send them a message… You ride out as fast as the wind can carry you… you tell the other clans to come… You tell them Toruk Mak Tao calls to them… and you fly now with me… my brothers, sisters… And we will show the sky people that they cannot take whatever they want… Because this… this is our land.” Avatar
    This is OUR LAND…and we have to fight for it…the problem is that many people today either don’t care or they ignore what is happening to our planet.
    We live in a world where everybody seeks their own interests and their own self preservation!!We are not thinking of the dark future laying ahead of us!!
    We are saying Goodbyes to our closest relatives, maybe unaware that we might be Next…(Biol 207)

  2. This is emotionally distressed!!! It is obvious that no one care about God’s creatures. People are living regardless of the fact that we are sharing the planet with various species. We should respect their presence and make sure to not bother their natural right of self preservation. Isn’t upset to see such astonishing relative extinct? Shouldn’t the social communities act and correct the situation?

  3. In the past extinction was due to “the survival of the fittest”, or environmental changes, but today human cause animals to become extinct, we hunt them, pollute their habitat, and destroy it.
    “It is estimated that about 125 species of birds and 60 species of mammals have become extinct since 1600. Currently, there are approximately 1000-1100 species of birds and mammals that are facing extinction. If invertebrates and plants are included, the total number of species in imminent danger is around 20,000.”(UTAH education network)
    This blue-eyed black lemur might be so beautiful to be extinct, but more than beauty we must not forget that it is a part of a bigger cycle and once it is broken the whole cycle will fall on the human’s head.
    We enjoy black furry coats and leather purses (usually made from baby alligators’ skin), but they are not “alive”, Why not enjoy watching these animals in our healthy world.

  4. well a lot of people in the world are stupid but that does not mean that they should be extinct. or should they? in both cases that is a cute animal. too bad it is going to be extinct

  5. by the way do we alwys need to blame humans for the extinction of every animal in the world? after all extinction is a natural process and it has been going on long before humans existed. if they are notstrong enough, they will die

  6. Reffering to the legend of the photo above, the black lemur is said to be “stupid”…Why?? is it because he lives in harmony with nature?!!!
    Goverments should do more to prevent this crisis, we are threatening our primate cousins thereby we are commmiting an ecological crime.
    Since the “orang-utan” which is very similar to humans is targeted, who knows you maybe next!!!!!!!!

  7. That is so cruel ghattas…it is actually our fault….because as the article stated earlier it is because of our selfish needs, we are cutting the trees that these creatures live in…
    what would you do if someone came and destroyed your house and all your food resources????

  8. humans are not aware of the side effects of their actions. we are killing innocent creatures that have the same right as us in living and sharing this globe. but we should cast the blame on the poor educational system that exists. our education lacks proper explanation about the relation between homosapiens and the rest of the living creatures and emphasis only on the human being as if we are the only living organisms on the planet.

  9. I aprove to what lilia said why is it reffered that this animal is stupid. Like you said Dr. Masri who are we to judge animals?!?! The extinction of some animals iis just like the genocides… why did the governments make a big deal about the holocaust and failed to get to a consensus copenhagen meeting saving the world from global warming to save our planet and animals. I was watching lately national geographic and saw a documentary about animals extinction. They talked about a turtle named it “lonely georges” in fact georges is the only turtle of its specie still living on earth. Isn’t sad? imagine one human is left on earth with no other human how would he feel?

    From the beginnings of life animals used to travel on a journey and the strongest survived as said Darwin in his natural selection theory the problem today is that now Human is controlling this journey….

    • Without dramatically considering the situation, I really wonder how does it feel to fight for your existence. Human beings existence was always considered as evident on earth regardless of the natural facts of birth and death.
      But i really wonder if these creatures are feeling that they are menaced. Does the black lemur know he’s one of the last remaining on the earth of his kind?? Maybe not… maybe he’s not fighting enough…. that’s why he’s a little bit stupid.

  10. I guess you r not getting my responses

  11. Evolution is inevitable and extinction of a species is one of evolution’s faces. However extinction happens as a natural process never induced. And the extinction of the above mentioned species was definitely induced by the humans who kept on polluting the area and cutting trees. This is not a face of evolution, it is a face of humanity. Humanity is cruel, it is cruel to itself and to it’s close neighbours and unfortunately this species had to taste the bitterness of humanity. Unfortunately for them, we survived, we are the fittest in this world. Maybe it’s time to redefine the word fittest.

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