Posted by: r.m. | March 4, 2010

deliberate environmental destruction by Israel…الاحتلال الإسرائيلي في جانبه البيئي: إبادة منهجية لطبيعة فلسطين

On Tuesday, the second day of the Israeli Apartheid Week at the AUB, Rami Zurayk (AUB), Ali Darwish (Green Line) and myself gave a presentation entitled ‘Mapping Israeli Environmental Destruction.’

Here, a journalist from As-Safir documents that presentation.

الاحتلال الإسرائيلي في جانبه البيئي: إبادة منهجية لطبيعة فلسطين



  1. How much more can the earth handle? Besides the bad effects of human on the environment in its normal (peace) state, could the earth afford the expensive price that it is paying due to the presence of human in a WAR state? Man, in both of his state, is destroying the environment. What is the guilt of the environment in Palestine if the two countries are fighting? As Dr. Rania Masri said in her presentation at the AUB the planting area of orange has decreased more han 50% (from 9000 to 4300 unit area)! This is besides limiting the ecological diversity in which many plant and animal species are endangered and this torroristic behaviour will lead to their extinction.

    What about cutting arround one million fruit trees! Why this wild action?!

    Wars are one of the major causes of: the decrease in the biodiversity, the massive reduction of forest areas, the huge increase in air-water-soil pollution, the extinction of many species, the global warming….

    Bad relations between countries is not a reason for man to act violently toward the land he is living in. War could be defined as SELF-DESTRUCTION because even if a country won the battle, it is damaged ecologically and this damaged is so hard to be treated and in our current time this damage is even impossible to be treated.

    Such focus on the ecological consequences of any army invasion is a must to restrict the damage on political relations of the two countries without heading toward the destruction of the environment as a second effect of wars.

  2. well, making wars is one of Man’s best hobbies. And while he is tring to defend his home and land, he is actually resulting in the destruction of what he was trying to protect in the first place…How ironic. hehe

    • i like the how ironic part.. is man capable of preserving the environment while he is not even capable of preserving its own race? wars, exploitation and massacres are few of so many examples i can site.. i wish i can say more but words become meaningless when talking about the future of all mankind..

  3. Honestly, at first I read this article because it is written in Arabic waww!! but when I read it, I was shocked by this type of war where the environnement itself became the weapon and the target! I was shocked by this new weapon used by Israel against the palestenian and they can’t fight back. Now environnement can be the weapon! What a crime! usually crimes have a very direct impact on the life of affected people. But not this time! In environmental crimes, you, your child and your grandson are going to be harmed. Is this kind of crimes acceptable? The problem is that no one takes a move until the lands became poluated with dead bodies and the blood changed the color of the river.
    Therefore, and since the article is written in Arabic:
    إسمحوا لي أن أقول: “الشجرة ذات الجذور القوية، تهزأ بالعاصفة”

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