Posted by: r.m. | March 4, 2010

Earth’s Nine Life-Support Systems…

Earth’s Nine Life-Support Systems… what happens when they’re not doing so well?


  1. It appears to me that we are heading towards a dramatic end. It wouldn’t be lik ein the movies but it would be a slower more painful and agonizing pain…. well i think that the human race deserves it (we are more of a virus to this earth).hehe

  2. well i agree that we are doing more disorder to the nature rather than coping with it.. but here’s a fact there are 7 billion people living and want to live in the complex word that we live in today, and as we know energy is neither created nor destroyed, we are draining energy from the enviroment to get to where we are today!! this is how the world goes toward disorder but on the other hand, it offers you benefits.. we are killing the world, but the world has to reach an end someday!! we cant fight that and make earth an eternal place for a living like in avatar.. suppose we live in their world, wouldn’t we be pmitive.. they know nothing about the beauty of arts and sciences and technology.

  3. the fact is that ourlifestyle can not be sustained by nature anymore. This not only about the industries we are using but also the way we eat, travel, get rid of our wastes..and the list is long. Our whole life systems has proven to be wrong by the enormous amounts of pollution we are causing, the species of which we are causing the exctinction and the fact that half the people on earth suffer from obesity while the other half has to struggle with hunger!
    I guess it is time we turn all this “system” upside down and find a new way of inhabiting earth. But the questions are: can we find a new way of life without getting rid of our advances in technology?And will we be able to live in another way?

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