Posted by: r.m. | March 4, 2010

let the resistance be holistic

Excerpt From Al-Akhbar…on an article about the Israeli Apartheid Week

فقد ركّزت جميع المحاضرات على ربط القضية الفلسطينية بقضايا أخلاقية وإنسانية عامة بقصد تعميمها. هكذا، ركز الأستاذ المحاضر في كلية الزراعة في الجامعة الأميركية، الزميل رامي زريق، والأستاذة في علوم البيئة في جامعة البلمند رانيا المصري، في محاضرتهما عن «الدمار البيئي الإسرائيلي»، على مدى الأضرار التي تسبّبها الحروب الإسرائيلية في فلسطين وفي لبنان. لم يخف على المصري خلال عرضها صورة طائر نافق في بقعة زيت في البحر الذي لوثته الحرب الإسرائيلية الإشارة إلى أن هذه الصورة «تهزّ ضمير المشاهد الغربي أكثر مما تفعل صورة الأحياء المدمرة». لنقل القضية إلى العالمية، يجب تحديث الأدوات، والتعامل مع قضية فلسطين لا كقضية محلية بل «كنضال من أجل العدالة ومن أجل نوعية حياة جديرة بالإنسان وكفكرة مركزية تتقاطع مع أفكار أخرى ذات طابع قيمي وإنساني عالمي»

Quite a good article summarizing the events of the Israeli Apartheid Week in Beirut on Tuesday March 2

By the way, a copy of the presentation I gave on Tuesday in the panel on ‘Mapping Israeli Environmental Destruction’ is available. Let me know if you want a copy.



  1. well, what the benefit on stuggling and making this issue a global one have an impact on our enviroment? are politics and enviroment interconnected.. i don’t think so, we have had enough damage to our country, there are other ways to resolve such struggle!!!
    one more think, i read a research one that our hair has the ability to attact the oil tanks in the leanese shores so they are using hair as a solution to clean the shores, so if we can collect most the hair from hair shop, we would have done great benefit for cleaning our shores.

  2. Unfortunately, no one of our politicians is seeking to help our environment from anything that harm it (if it was caused by Israel, Syria, … and even if it was caused by Lebanon itself). I think our pollution is enough for our environment, we shold try our best to not making it worst than it is after these pollution.

  3. Pollution in Lebanon is a more serious matter than other countries. After all most of the country’s income is from tourism and tourists who actually come to Lebanon to enjoy his beautiful beach and scenery. So nature is in fact the most important factor contributing to Lebanon’s income. So the more we polute and destroy nature the more the country is loosing two things: its nature and its main source of income.
    i think this should be a motive for us to protect nature and preserve our natural resources by fighting polution and encoraging enviroment friendly industries.

  4. well majed there is no point in solving the problems caused by the pollutions if we can not prevent the pollution from happening. This is where politics and environment are connected, if we do not make these issues global concerns our nature will always be endagered and as you can see we can not keep pace with finding new solutions.

  5. so Lebanon no one is taking a good care for the environment ,and one of them is the our government.

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