Posted by: r.m. | March 8, 2010

Who plants? Who eats?

Ethiopia is one of the hungriest countries in the world with more than 13 million people needing food aid, but paradoxically the government is offering at least 3m hectares of its most fertile land to rich countries and some of the world’s most wealthy individuals to export food for their own populations.

The 1,000 hectares of land which contain the Awassa greenhouses are leased for 99 years to a Saudi billionaire businessman, Ethiopian-born Sheikh Mohammed al-Amoudi, one of the 50 richest men in the world. His Saudi Star company plans to spend up to $2bn acquiring and developing 500,000 hectares of land in Ethiopia in the next few years. So far, it has bought four farms and is already growing wheat, rice, vegetables and flowers for the Saudi market. It expects eventually to employ more than 10,000 people.”



  1. […] land grabbing In addition to the rich-Arab land grab of fertile lands in Africa, there is the land grab of fertile lands in Latin […]

  2. One has got to feel sorry for this guy. He doesn’t know how to spend his money so he bought seven airplanes, yes seven!!! That’s not all, on this youtube clip (at about 2min 15sec) you will see four shower heads in the same shower cube!!! I mean why would anyone need four shower heads.. the whole family take a shower together??

    He looks like a God Father (Africa version) star to me

    It’s incredible what this world is coming to, so much wealth concentrated in the hands of so few.

  3. What looks weird in this study is that one of the most suffering from hunger countries is sending food to industrisal and developped countries. People of Ethiopia for example have nothing other than land to count on; this land is being taken from then. So is it a matter of politics or what? But there is a question to be asked here: Is there any benefit for the Ethiopian people from this land harvesting? they said in the article that 10 000 workers can work for a part of the land bought by a Saudi man. So are these 10 000 workers Ethiopian people? if so, this people can take advantage of what’s happening.

  4. how ironic this situation is. the Ethiopian government would care no less for it’s own citizens. It’s people are dying from hunger, with huge emigrations and the government is after the money and wealth. The government’s duty is to looks after it’s citizen’s need, but instead they go looking for billion dollar companies to invest in their land. Hundred’s of Ethiopian women travel daily working as housemaids leaving they family and beloved ones. Why don’t the government try to put these women work in farming, this way more work offers and increasing hand labor and the government itself would benefit from the profit of the land.

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