Posted by: r.m. | March 9, 2010

climate change…news

As we discuss Climate Change in ecology, here are a few of the latest news articles…

In Malawi: Climate Change Is Changing Farming Methods

And more news on Methane – Arctic seafloor a big source of methane

and a reminder, here’s a timeline on climate change


  1. Change is good sometimes, but this change is definetly not good. Climate change as we’ve seen in the link ” here’s a timeline on climate change” began from year 900. Then the changes started to increase and became more extreme. Changes are affecting many aspects as agriculture, farming, human’s health, and so on..
    And the effect of methane gaz, discussed also in another article posted earlier, is just one of many effects that cause this huge problem.
    This issue is the main subject of many conferences, last one was in Copenhagen in 2009. But do these conferences leading to any solution or are just done to other purposes? Why people aren’t awrare of the effects of climate change (a.k.a global warning, by most people), knowning that it affects their lives as a whole?

  2. well Sally i think people become more aware of the effects of climate changin once it directly affects their lives and homes. People should start making change on a personal basis and not only by conferences. Taking the example of the family killed in Malawi because of the unusual heavy rain, this tragedy would probably push people to reconsider the devastating effets of climate change all over the world! We can also detect this huge difference in climate here in Lebanon! Hoping that this could be a more serious and useful awarness campaign strategy designed by nature. And hoping that this last call would actually make a change.

  3. Actually Rim, I agree with you that change should be on a personal basis, but there should be something that helps them to start thinking and not just seeing catastrophes and disasters to come, but schools, universities and the whole community should work as a whole before it is too late!! We are now in the middle of the war and selfish humans are loosing the battle, and without a strong weapon to use, we will cause our own death. So let’s not wait to things happen in Malawi or what happened to Haiti this year to just remove bodies to be buried but to prevent these things from the beginning.

  4. Yes, this is what we all hope for! But all these universal campaigns started long time ago, and the might have made a certain amount of change, without doubt. However their work will never be enough and complete without each individual’s personal awarness and will to change. Individuals, most of them to be more specific, act as passive beings towards the work and the effort done by institutions , schools and universities. They only hear what they have to say but never absorb these ideas and they dont have the will to abide by the new rules. As you said Sally, the whole community should work as a whole. Definitely these disasters and souls lost should not be the price we are paying, but sadly, it is the ugly truth.

  5. commenting on the article on Malawi and changing farming methods, I want to say that i really liked the way the subject is introduced and the way it ends. when you first start reading you will be shocked that the article at first doesn’t seem to have a relation with changing farming methods, but it describes the devastating effect that happened on human. It is like a striking light that pushes us to see more clearly that people are dying because of climate change!! some of us may say that although climate change have a wide effect on life on earth, it does not have a direct effect on human life. well, they will definitely change their mind after reading the article. Besides, the vast impact on agriculture due to this extreme weather conditions seems to be faster than the new adopted methods in farming. From here we can also predict more problems that might arize from this effect. As these changes take place, more people will be forced to leave their houses and search for another place to live and work. This migration issue or more conveniently ” immigration” would cause very serious economic, social and political issued that were at first due to an ecological problem! Therefore, we must not take anything for granted and try as faster as we can to find ecological solution for an ecological problem before it more and more problems arise.

  6. I agree with you rim, we’ve all heard about the climate change and it’d effect from global warming and greenhouse effect.. We know, but what we don’t know is how to take precautions and deal with it without causing any personal damage. Too many conferences have been made, and too many articles have written. it is time for words to be transformed into actions, so that no more human loss to take part.

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