Posted by: r.m. | March 9, 2010

To ‘normalize’ or not to ‘normalize’: at AUB

Although this article should have been on the front page of Al-Akhbar and not in the middle of the paper, nevertheless it is a good summary of the events of the so-called ‘town hall meeting’ yesterday at AUB

هل يعدّ التعاون الأكاديمي بين لبنانيين وإسرائيليين يساريين تطبيعاً؟ انطلاقاً من واقعة محليّة هزّت الصرح الجامعي، خاضت أسرة الأميركية أمس نقاشاً صاخباً في شأن تطبيقها قواعد حملة المقاطعة

I want to write in detail about the proceedings of that meeting — particularly because it is important to us all, those of us who work in academia, those of us who learn in Lebanese universities, and those of us who believe in the right of resistance and the struggle for liberation.



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