Posted by: r.m. | March 11, 2010

triple crisis…

On February 1, the Global Development and Environment Institute (GDAE) joined with India’s Economic Research Foundation (ERF) and the Heinrich Boell Foundation to launch the “Triple Crisis Blog.” The blog brings together sixteen economic analysts from nine countries to provide global perspectives on the crises in finance, development, and the environment. ”

As described on the Triple Crisis Blog:

The world is experiencing three simultaneous crises in finance, development, and the environment.  A number of economists are questioning the mainstream narratives and analyses of these crises.  Some of us have joined to create Triple Crisis blog to contribute to a more open and global dialogue around these three crises: about how they interact, and how they can collectively be solved.

The aim of this blog is to provide additional exposure for the existing work of a network of economists who have been working on these three integrative crises.  But more importantly, the blog itself will aim to generate a dialogue in a way that has an exponential effect in terms of influencing policy-makers and the broader public.

The project is grounded in an analysis that holds that the crisis:

  • challenges the dominant economic schools of thinking
  • urges a more integrative approach beyond the stabilization of the financial markets, especially integrating the challenges of the environment and development crisis
  • demands a knowledgeable debate beyond the existing circles towards new alliances and
  • works toward solving the problems the global economy confronts in an environmentally sound and globally just manner.

Check it out…



  1. I think it is a good idea to expand this blog to a broader public, let this issue expand so that the majority are aware of crisis. As days pass, life is getting harder and tougher to us to live, it’s getting wild and brutal. But us humans should know how to deal and handle it with care, we should think economically how to save ourselves from not falling into the crisis and at the same time, how to keep life on this earth persisting.

  2. this is a good way to make the three topics more known. But the question remains in whether it’ll be able to affect policies or not and if yes, to what extent. Because,as we are witnessing,some biggerevents are failing to influence the environment for example. the summit of Copenhagen was suppose to get us some bigger and better solutions cincerning climate change. But it didn’t have that much of an effect.

  3. Crisis, problems, issues. I think that we blowing the whole thing out of proportion. Sereously, if we keep focusing on the problems that we have, we will be enforcing the existence of the problems. it seams that we always talk about the isuues in our world instead of talking about the solurions or better yet about the beautiful thingsthat exist in life. This is depressing…plus i do beleive that the issues that we are talking about would have existed with or without us. Sure they are propagating at a higher rate with our help…But why slow down the inevitable?

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