Posted by: r.m. | March 19, 2010

more actions by (some) Homo Stupidos

I am reminded of that famous Cree Saying:

Only when the last tree has died

and the last river been poisoned

and the last fish been caught

will we realize we cannot eat money.

Global conference rejects bans on trade in bluefin tuna, polar bear

A 2007 U.S. Geological Survey estimated that the population of polar bears would decline by more than 70 percent within 45 years as their sea-ice habitat melts. In 2008, the United States listed the polar bear as threatened under the Endangered Species Act.

The U.S. proposal to list polar bears on Appendix I of the convention, which dictates a total trade ban, failed by a vote of 48 to 62, with 11 abstentions.

The proposal by Monaco and the United States to list Atlantic bluefin on Appendix I failed, with 20 in favor, 68 against and 30 abstaining.

The adult population of eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean bluefin tuna has declined 74 percent over the past half-century, much of it in the past decade, and the population has dropped 82 percent in 40 years in the western Atlantic.

“This was a case of just plain ignoring the science for short-term economic gain,” said Susan Lieberman, director of international policy at the Pew Environment Group, in an interview from Doha.



  1. Maybe in the upcoming 2 and half years the CITES won’t have the chance to meet for whether to decide if the polar bears and blue tuna fish should be placed in the appendix of endangered species, instead they would be placed in the category of extinct species.
    After destroying their habitat we intend to use such animals for trade and food, what a pity?
    Japan might be importing 80% of the Atlantic blufin to feed its people, What about the future?
    What could she import later in the future when all the blufin has been killed?
    Let’s face it people, we are not caring about our children. Yes our generation might be spared of these problems, but our children won’t.
    Here I remember my grandfather’s saying “my grandfather planted these olives trees so I could eat, and I’m planting for my son, and your father will do the same for you.” All these thoughts are fading human is becoming more selfish and spoiled by the power (economical or any other.)
    Let’s not let “the short-term economic gain” blind our visions, let’s save these species from extinction. By this process we are saving also all the links to it in the food chain from the food it feeds to the animal which feeds on it. This is our nature to be selfish, it’s all part of survival, but what could we do when we hit the wall? We can’t control it. Or can we?

  2. Jack you are right about saving those species from extinction but not just to keep the food chain but to preserve the whole biological balance.
    Maybe the bluefin tuna are important for humans just as a source for food and the polar bears for money, but did humans notice the beauty of these creatures and their importance in nature?
    I found today a very recent article posted 6 hours ago maybe, by the TODAYonline and it says: “Bad day for bluefin tuna and polar bears ” but actually it is a bad day for us, we are loosing specie after specie. We are loosing our world with no care.
    Extinction is increasing more and more and this is all due to human’s activities and due to his irresponsabilities. And then he just decided not to protect those species.
    In the propoal, 15 votes could save the polar bears!! Are we aware of that?? why to take the opinion of only 121 people?? why don’t we ask people who don’t look at polar bears or bluefin tuna as a source of gain, but as species with whom we share this planet? because I am sure that there was a secret agreement between the japanese government and the voters for its own benefits. I am just wondering when all those species will extinct and the turn comes for us, who will vote for our protection? sure that if the benefit of some people will be to extinct other humans, then this will be applied too. We are really HOMO STUPIDOS!!
    Thus Jack, I think that the answer for your last question is, yes we can control it, but let me ask you another question: Do we really want to control it? because if we do, the people of power don’t.

  3. All these articles are good but in reality no one care. And when I say “no one” I mean the majority which is approximately 99.99%! Nobody will begin to care untill he is feeling the effects. Nobody will really understand the true meaning of Tuna (per example) extinction untill he realize that these cheap tuna cans are not present anymore to feed on it. Many countries are dependent of fisheries as a main source of food. Thus, what will they eat when the fishes in the sea are not enough to feed all the population.
    If the rich people will not be affected long after the poor people who will start to die of starvation because for some people, fish is the only affordable food they can get. Hence, will people of power and control begin to act when the number of people diying due to starvation start to rise up or they just think that less people means less problems?
    Then, as Sally said that we are not the only one who will be affected by this decrease in tuna, but all the bioloical system would be affected. We are living in the environment where we are interacting whith other species even if we are not aware of. So many aquatic species, besides humans, will be affected and maybe now in danger. So, I’ll not be surprised if aftera while I read an article about another species that is in danger and will be possibly extinct and so on.

    Finally people are not aware that the economic power will cease progressively and will end up of having stacks of USELESS money. People are just aiming on gaining money as if money could buy us new species or could increase the tuna number again!

  4. Sally when we preserve the food chain, we are preserving the biological cycle! Since everything in the body of Mother Nature is harmonic. Who cares about beauty when the essence of life will be destroyed?
    I think that our selfishness is somehow always present, but sometimes it might be partially hindered. And my last question is supposed to be rhetorical. Since the dawn of mankind the brother killed his brother to survive, we are in the essence selfish and greedy; we developed these throughout society formation. Do you know why most humans do not believe in the presence of aliens? Because we are selfish, we can’t bear the idea that there is a race cleverer and more developed than us, we like to control.
    George you’re definitely right about fisheries that could get rid of starvation, but not in Lebanon here fishes enhance starvation, a poor family will have to starve for two days if she ate fish for one day.
    I think one solution could be to create ponds to tuna similar to the natural conditions and raise tuna; therefore there will be more productivity in controlled conditions. What about bears? Could the authorities afford the luxury to not wear furry coats? I think not.

  5. Jack, I pointed on countries that depend on fisheries as their source of food as Philippine where the cheapest type of food is fishes. I definitely was not pointing on Lebanon where poor people will really starve in order to eat fishes!!
    The most important point you (Jack) is that human beings are selfish. They don’t care about the upcomming generations that will not benefit from the earth’s resources as people are doing now where they are not just benefiting but taking advantage from the generous earth that is weakened and will probably stop at certain point to offer us in the future the appropriate conditions for our survival untill we become on the list of the endangered species.
    For the issue of expert, Jack, not everybody is appropriate and trained to see the tiny details that may show us whether an animal is in a good condition or not. It is not simply by looking for a couple of minutes that one could determine that this animal is offered the correct conditions for being transported across countries. People should be concerned in the searching for evidences of malnutrition, torturing signs, and maybe disease symptoms.

    In contrast to what you already implied about that humans don’t believe in aliens because they are selfish. I think that people don’t believe in strange creatures because they are afraid of being threatened by new species that may control them. Besides the fact of sharing their earth with new undefined yet unknown species is not acceptable and could afford it.

  6. Jack i got your point about food chain but let me clarify one thing that biological balance doesn’t mean food chain but on the contrary food chain is a part of it so our aim first is to preserve the whole balance by preserving its components.
    Next, my point about beauty was that if people are so blind not to notice the importance of these species for us, they should at least see their beauty since it can’t be hidden but maybe your right in here, their eager to money is much bigger than it is to beauty and life.
    However, I think that at the bottom of this discussion our opinions actually meet, Jack. Hope that at the end, and before it is way too late that their opinions will finally meet about saving animals and by that the whole world!!

  7. The argument related to fishery was my sense of humor, and yes we do agree that humans are abusing the earth, instead of conserving it to other generations!
    With respect to the one related to aliens, you are getting back to selfishness! People do not like to share (the earth), so they are selfish, and they like to be in control and not condoled thus they’re selfish.

    Georges I think that the second paragraph applies best to the previous post, right? Did you check the links and see the photos of the suffering creatures. Since I clearly noticed the suffering of these animals, this could be due to either I’m an expert, or the suffering is really obvious! Hopelessly I’m not an expert, so the second argument best applies. What would happen to any creature if left without water? It will show symptoms of weakness. If you noticed in one of the pictures they show us an unclean wound of one of the lions. However to be more specific and teat them correctly we need experts. Just remember that although lions are felines, they are still carbon based!

    Sally back to the argument of beauty, you are not in contact with such “beautiful” creatures to notice it, you can see it on Television or in a book, and you won’t miss it if it disappears. It is like The Licorn, which is an extremely magnificent creature, yet it is imaginary!

    I think that in the essence our oppinions are similar, but it differs by the way we reach it.

  8. Jack, your pointless when putting evidences so obvious! Definitely, the pictures that are put on the websites will be the extreme cases that people are meeting and this in done to attract the attention of regular peeople on this subject. But in the trading situations, the animals may look perfectly normal and this will not be the truth about their health. Thus, I insist of having EXPERT to control such issues.
    The website is never the best reference to point on any subject. It will always give you the extreme, obvious, clear situations and cases to ensure that their subjects will meet their expectations about the reaction of people.

    For the aliens issue, I will refer to the point as FEAR more than selfishness even if at the end we’ll get the same result.

    For the issue of beauty, I agree with Sally because in order to attract people to our subject in study we need to offer multiple causes to let them be interrested. If people were not caring about the influence of these endangered species on human lives’, one should be more emotional and expose the idea of the magnificant creatures that will not be present around us anymore. This is the same as the idea already discussed about putting on the websites the ugliest pictures about the bad treatment of animals. So lets face it, we need to be emotional to increase the number of people that will be concerned in the ideas we are defending.
    Finally, everyone of us has its own opinion, and each one has proved his own theory and we got clear result that everybody has a point in his sayings and we are all correct and most importantly we are AWARE about the severity of situation that we are reaching SO lets aim on the rest of the people that are still blind and will keep refusing to get out of the shells they’re living in and start to understand the consequences of our deeds.

  9. how ironic.. it feels all creatures are sitting in a court with humans on one side and all the rest of the species on the other side and we are deciding for the future of every since one of them.. i wonder how long will it takes to exterminate them all but Albert Einstein once said: “If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live” let us hope for the best..

  10. Well let us be REALISTIC. Me, you or anyone doesn’t really care about the extinction of an animal specie in the atlantic or elsewhere. This is how our generations are raised; to simply provide their own survivals. And i can assure that we will still don’t care until we realize that these extinctions are a real danger for human life. I know what i’m saying may be a little bit hard, but unfortunately its the truth. Maybe it’s not because we don’t really car; we do feel bad for the extinction of such great species of course! but the thing is that we feel unable to do anything as this problem is becoming a part of the universal economical and political game and when the big players interfere, there is no more place for the small ones to save!

  11. No matter how much we spend time writing on this blog, nothing is going to change because we can’t unless we actually want to. and who would want to stop eating the lovable tuna!? well no one! so lets get realistic we need action and not words! for that lets make a commitment and if all work on it then we would change and not Obama’s change! we need a youthful and practical and logical change!

  12. what disappoints me is that we always protest when we hear about some bad ecological news what we really don’t do anything to change that.
    what we should di is to start voting “green”. Working with NGO’s might be useful but it is a drop in an ocean. We saw what greenpeace’s activists has done in Copenhagen, yet the decisions took by politicians were deceiptful.
    If we do not start electing politicians that might get involved in changing things(specially rules and regulations) all our protests come with little help.

  13. well for once i have to be pro what these guys are saying. Yesterday i was in the market and i saw the huge amount of fish that we are killing and selling and i felt bad. Nature has created everything for our use but our moderate use. When we start abusing what we have, nature will eventualy have to defend itself or let its resources become extinct…We humans should learn to take only what we need and nothing more, we should start economizing and stop caring about money and trade on the expense of our nature…I do believe that it is normal to have a ruling specie (which is in this case us) but i also believe that in order to remain alive, this specie should only limit its expension and stop its massive consumption so not to become a virus that would eventually cause the death of the host that is assuring its continuety… As for fish, weel i sereously think they are stupid…….

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