Posted by: r.m. | March 22, 2010

Lebanon and Water

Two articles in the news today about water in Lebanon

–> Lebanon’s liquid treasure is just trickling away

and a smaller note –> Beirut and Mount Lebanon water safe



  1. While reading this article I have been tortured by the question” What have the ministry of energy and water been doing for the past 30 years????????”
    I said 30 years in order not to blame our enviromental failure on the civil war.
    Lebanon’s hydraulitic resources are being dumped to the Mediterranean due to the lack of infrastructure, dams, networks and specially public awarness.
    On the other hand political fear and the Isralian reaction are preventing the goverment from exploiting its rivers…So to stop loosing our water shouldn’t we deal with the political side of it first?????
    Happy world water day 🙂

  2. the issue of water pollution and water availability is a problem that we are all experiencing today…if we look at the students of the university (Balamand) who live in this area, we notice that more than 90% of them have to buy water on a daily basis. that is a shame considering the number of rivers that LEbanon has and that can be used. On the other hand i, as a citizen of Kab Elias Bekaa have noticed the regression of our water resources and not just because of the climate change that is leading to a reduction of rain but due to tghe pollution that is infesting our waters. People should be educated to stop polluting the water and consequently their bodies. Furthermore the government should find ways to harnest the power of water without polluting it or damaging the environment…..

  3. it is surprising how a country having so many water sources can have so little access to it. the water problem is a very complicated issue and assigning one major cause (and one major solution) is taking it in a very simplistic way.
    if you want to know more about the causes of water scarcity,here is an intresting article:

  4. This is Lebanon! We are from the luckiest countries that have plenty of water, but are we using it apropriately? Defenitely No! From my childhood and in the school we learn that we need to use water moderately and we should not use it too much because it is precious but I didn’t see that anything is working. Water is still lost and most of it return to the sea and nobody neither the government is doing anything in order to save it and to benefit from it.
    A couple of days ago, the minister of power talked about the problem of loss of water and on the quantities that are present in Lebanon; If we could use adequately, no one will ever use to buy water and we’ll not have any problem.
    He also mentioned one thing about a new management of water by people, meaning that as much as we use we pay. And simply I agree 100% with this strategy because every person when it comes to paying will try to minimize his outcome and thus managing the use of water apropriately will be necessary to save money. And thus the water problem in Lebanon will be nearly solved.
    We also should benefit from the rivers in order to produce electricity. An example of mismanagement of river is the river in kousba where we have a company for producing electricity but unfortunately they are not activating it. It will provide power for many villages 24 hours per day but they simply don’t use it!

  5. I lately had been chatting with one of my foreign Face book friends. Look at the dialogue below:
    Him: “where are you from?”
    Me: “Lebanon”
    After one day.
    Him: “I searched for it on the map, it’s a desert right?”
    Me: (laughed) “no it’s not, but it will be soon!”

    This is another aspect of “Homo stupido’s” stupidity in Lebanon, we are dehydrating our country, and soon it will die!
    Not only Rose is buying water, but the majority of the population. Usually town’s water visits my home 12hours a week, so we store of it as much as we can, but still need, so we buy 2 “citern” of water every 2 month!

    We are paying for water while half of the water is wasted each year into the sea, and a good share of the other half is lost wasted due to the bad infrastructures, not only in akkar but in all countries. You can see the perforated water pipes, and the flooding of water in Beirut each year. Now look at the wealthy masters who are over using water for their commodities. This is totally pathetic and unfair.

    Why are we protecting our territory from Israel’s invasion? I don’t like to say this but “Israel is clever than us” she sees in Lebanon the source of the Arab world.
    We are rejecting the blessings that god gave us. We have an unending treasure, since water could be recycled, while look at other Arab countries, they also have treasures as petrol and minerals, but they will end someday.
    I agree with Comair that we need a global vision, and once achieved water could help us generate electricity, store solar energy, and other things also, and thus this could limit our economical dependence to others. However, all these facts seem to belong to be one of the most successful fantasy movies.

  6. “But twice a week the 60-year-old has to buy water for her daily needs”.
    “I have been buying in water since I moved here 14 years ago,”
    Is it Lebanon or elsewhere? Maybe we are living in a desert or even less and we don’t know this issue!!! Maybe when politicians speak about water resources in Lebanon, they dreamt about it in their dreams :S.
    People who buy water in lebanon they are loosing their rights as a citizen to benefit from Lebanon’s resources, but the ones who benefit(to some extent) from water,they are loosing their health.
    So, in both cases the lebanese people are deprived from their own rights even the minimum basic conditions are not reached or… we can say with no doubts that they are absent.

    It is true that we need a global vision in order to solve problem but will it be applicable? I doubt. It has been a long time since lebanese people try to push our politicians in order to find solutions to such a catastrophe, but no answers.

    “But if we don’t do anything there will come a point where the international community will tell us that we have lost our rights to exploit this water,”
    Comair, do you think that we have rights?

  7. “We need to build dams, artificial lakes, a new network and work hand in hand with the private sector.”
    the one thing a lebanese working in a govermental position is known for, is the loaded talk and non sence crap they keep promising its people.
    lebanon a country very rich in water resource is facing a near threat to depletion and scarcity!! how is it possible? very simple, the government doesnt apply preservative policies to protect and reserve whats left from our water.
    “Comair said Lebanon annually has an average 2.1 billion cubic metres (73.5 billion cubic feet) of renewable hydraulic resources.” which is being used irrationaly in agriculture & industries, then being dumped as wastes into the sea.. instead i suggest that lebanese government invest in building larger and better water plant treatment systems and strengthen the ones already existing in order to benefit. UNFORTUNATLY, even water is a political issue in such a messed up political country! unless they snap out of their greeds, water will keep on diminishing untill our issue becomes an international call for aid!! do we really want to allow ourselves reach that level? do we want to keep begging and depending on others instead of making use of our own richs?
    i mean we look around and we still here that their are area’s where people sometimes buy water to use because they are out of it!! i don’t think its only lack of brilliant minds, but lack of authorative policies who’s concern is still to fight over own interest and political chairs instead of country’s interest!! Change your life style, clean your water, use water within limits. abide by law and policies and finally dont think selfishly!!

  8. Water is one of the most important resource. it gives us possibility of settelment and development! from now on use water within limits,,and try keep to your water clean!

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