Posted by: r.m. | April 13, 2010

Lebanese nationality rights…

A Lebanese woman – like many other Arab women – does not have the right to grant her children or her husband her nationality.  A Lebanese man does have the right to grant his children and his wife — and his wife’s children — his nationality.

Today, a demonstration was held demanding rights to nationality in Beirut The protest is part of a campaign by Lebanese women married to foreign men to demand citizenship rights for their children.

REUTERS/Jamal Saidi

The protest is ongoing today.

* at 13:00 we will gather to walk from mathaf to sodeco square, where Offre Jois secured a wall at sodeco square, where will be painting ona wall 5 mtrs width the logo of the campaign.

* @ 16:00 we will participate at their big gathering at the Museum square, spreading the word abt women’s right to nationality (distributing flyers, pins, bayanet)…

Balamand-ians: Roula Masri (no blood relation) will be coming to the UOB to discuss this campaign. I’ll let you all know of the time and place.


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