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weird mating rituals

Check out these 10 weird mating rituals – as presented by the Independent.  My disagreement is with the discussion on Bonobos.  But quite interesting rituals about the rest.  Great fodder for essays.



  1. very nice!!! I suggest that all of you read it my friends because it is the funnest and the most interesting thing i have read on this website!
    It is fascinating how these weird mating rituals fit within the adaption of its corresponding species. Then, why would killing the male in the case of certain insects be a good strategy for the specie to survive? Also what would the sexual behavior of Bonobo monkey tells us about the degree of smartness and relation to human? Another important thing i noticed is that we might be going toward a more feminine world where females in the animal world are controlling the mating. Parthenogenesis became possible with certain species and others get rid of the male after mating! Maybe this might be a lesson for males that they are not born to rule this world! they are just part of it and one day even this part might become evolutionary not useful!

  2. it really is something different!!!
    in the case on some animals where the female kills the mate after mating, maybe sinc the female is already bigger in size or more powerful in some cases, it kills the male thinking that it already fullfilled its purpose and would be now viewed only as a competitor so they would be eliminating the competition and asuuring more food resourses. moreover i don’t think some simple animals have a futuristic perspective but rather care about the moment being only.

  3. I FOUND IT ONE INTERESTING ARTICLE TO READ AND TO BE FAMILIAR WITH THE WEIRD HABITS OF LIFE AND HOW ANIMALS INTERACT. it’s funny when you read it. and they say humans are crazy, well these mating techniques proves we’re not the only ones. But i want to ask more about the lizard of it’s asexual reproduction, never knew that. So as a finally, i once read that humans and dolphins are the only mammals who have sex for pleasure other than for mating. interesting right?

  4. I’m really shocked!! Dr i wanna ask if we can have a discussion about this please because it is really weird the way these animals ask. I really wish i can have more answers about those stuff that stroke my attention:
    1- For the flatworm reproduction, i didn’t get how the loser get the sperm…. do they fight before having sex?
    2- So we can conclude from Bonobo Monkeys story that homosexuality exists in animals? so the only aim of animals is not reproduction…. why do homosexuals mate in animals?pleasure?
    3- I didn’t get how the genitals remain in the honey bee. How does she become a queen?
    4- Cloning of the Whiptail Lizard: isn’t it a limiting agent for evolution?
    5- Anglerfish: Are we back to the historical stories of complementarity between males and females? that males can find what’s missing only in females?

  5. O.M.G It is fascinating how these creatures interact!!!!!!!!!!
    I do not see humans in this list maybe we are the sick ones…These animals are responding to the call of nature, their behavior is coupled to physiological responses induced by their need of survival.It is an intresting class discussion that can focuse on the fact that the ultimate goal of animals is survival…
    Penis stabbing and females being crushed to death are evolutionary adaptations that aim the preservation of the species.
    I also believe that humans have lost their connection with nature, we are paralysed by judgements and all we care about is the opinion of others…Maybe by taking a glance at the animal world Sex can acquire a defferent meaning.

  6. these are some great stuff….I have more:
    1- just like the praying mantis, the black widdow, a very dangerous spider and as its name indicates, always kills its mating partner after the ritual has been done.
    2- In ants, only the flying ones are the reproductive individuals. the nuptial flight that occurs in mid air produces so much pleasure for the male ant to the point where it actually explodes.
    As for the parthenogenisus, it is said that the evolutionary movement would reach a point where men would not exist anymore and females will rule the earth and reproduce through parthenogenisus. After all not only lizards are able to do this process but similar reproductive techniques ahve been observed in birds and sharks…
    very interesting article………

  7. Amazing and really weired at the same time. Wouldn’t want to be near a hippo when wanting to mate . All these animals seemed really normal to me before i read this article , I never knew male bees have to die just for mating with queen (life is sometimes really unfair) Its like sacrificing themselves for the perpetuation of their species. And why would male porcupines would want to urinate on the females beforehand ??? Considering the flatworm losing a battle will make them become a mother!! really weired things going on in the animal world we don’t have a clue about . Thank you everyone for telling us to read this article , would want to know more about weird mating rituals and what drives these actions (hormonal physiological ,….)

  8. Interresting but indeed weird! i liked most the anglerfish which fuse to form one!! Really interresting didn’t know such a mechanism actually exist! i mean FUSION??!!

  9. whoa!! wonderful!! it’s really amazing how these creatures behave!! i just wonder if it’s all a matter of pure instinct! i’m seriously beginning to doubt it! great article really interesting!

  10. so weird,,i liked it,,actually amazing,,, i knew new things from this article!, nice one!

  11. Such weird mating rituals are to be observed by all population, we usually see such animals around us but we really do not see their mating rituals. What intrigued me the most is how we think we’re the strongest and our sperm could not live more than 24 hours if well preserved, while the snake stores the sperm for years!
    As for the Bonobo monkey, they might represent the uncontrolled animal sex or pleasure. This type might be similar to the instinctual human sexual relationships.

  12. its a very interesting article..many new things are stated..the weird things is that for many males sex is supposeD to be a matter of pleasure, but here many of them its a matter of fear from the mating partner!!

  13. This article showed many weird mating habits of animals however if one was to think logically about some of these mating habits shuch as the one of the praying mantis(where a male gets eaten in order to ensure a proper meal for the female and ultimately provide a better chance of survival to its offspring) or that of the Bonobo (where sex is a means of communication and attatchment rather than only reprocreation). it just shows that the concept of weird is relative to each species and individual.

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