Posted by: r.m. | April 22, 2010

Cigarettes and Climate Change, Human’s past sexual partners, and more Climate Change

From Earth Day to Sex and Evolution and back to the Climate Change conference in Boliva… ah, what a day for environmental news : – )

Earth day: most ironic that in Lebanon, one of the “celebrations” for Earth Day will be held in a mall. A shopping mall.  Hmm.. celebrate the Earth by consuming more? Greenwashing in its most vivid form.  However, it is this article on Earth Day that I want to bring to your attention, particularly to all you intelligent students who foolishly choose to continue to smoke.

  • Go green this Earth Day: Quit smoking … What is the relationship you may ask between smoking and taking care of our environment? ….”Surprisingly, many of us don’t know that quitting smoking is another way to help combat climate change, and to significantly reduce the incredible amount of waste and litter due to carelessly discarded cigarettes butts in streets, waterways, and public areas like parks and beaches. …. According to data from the Ocean Conservancy, in 2009 more than 3 million cigarettes or butts were picked up internationally from beaches and inland waterways as part of the annual International Coastal Cleanup…On the climate front, which most people believe to be the biggest environmental threat facing the planet, cigarette production and consumption contribute to global warming. For example, deforestation in order to grow tobacco and provide wood for curing it means fewer trees available to absorb carbon dioxide.

    Smokers may be tossing their butts without even realizing their impact on the environment. It’s possible that smokers think that because tobacco is organic, its waste is harmless. However, that’s not the case. Both the plastic filters and the remnants of the tobacco are poisonous to children and other living organisms. They contain nicotine, heavy metals and other toxic compounds.” Hmm….

Now to the second topic: Sex and Evolution

Meanwhile, let’s take a look at Bolivia and at the start of the other Climate Change conference…

  • Check this site for some roundup on the news on the people’s Climate Change conference. I want to second what Galeano stated at the conference, and what was quoted by Food First on that site: ‘An essay from legendary Latin American writer Eduard Galleano concluded “…we celebrate this Summit of the Mother Earth. And if only the deaf do listen: human rights and the rights of Nature are two names of the same dignity.” ‘

Human rights and the rights of Nature: two names of the same dignity.



  1. What i mostly liked about these articles is:
    “Human rights and the rights of Nature: two names of the same dignity.” Because definitely human cannot live in dignity without living in a healthy environment. In fact, most of disasters, diseases and even economical status of humans are widely influenced by environmental conditions. For example, outbreaks of cholera are mostly located in poor environmental conditions after a disaster mostly due to water pollution.
    In addition, here i found a new argument that pushes people to quit smocking. Then smocking will have a double negative effect on health: primarily, by its direct effect due to the presence of toxic compounds in cigarettes, then, by its negative influence on the environment that at its time influence negatively our health.
    But what i need to understand more is about inter-species breeding. As i know, it is a very rare event to give rise to fertile individuals if giving rise to individuals at all! so what about that?

  2. It bothers me when you ask someone to quite smoking, he or she takes it offensive on themselves!! they just don’t know its influence on the enviroment, they are soo selfish and think for themselves, ignoring the fact they they are hurting other human lives and the major consequences they have on nature, from air to soil. A smoke is full of chemicals and toxic substances..!!!

  3. I don’t think that a smoker will stop smoking now that he knows that it’s environmentally harmfull.
    This is because men are selfish and only care about themselves and even that did not turn them around.
    If a person knows that smoking could cause him health problems leading to cancer and sometimes death and havent stopped smoking, i believe that the environmental effect of smoking will not make him change his mind either.

  4. Yes such articles are so funny, usually people do not skip smoking for the sake of their health, and they would do it for nature. It’s an old joke, by the way a new study showed that instead of pesticides we could use the heads of cigarettes after boiling the in water, to spray pests and it is so efficient. My neighbor used it and it showed a strong effect.

  5. i think that human in his nature is selfish always seek his own if a smoker nevers quits smoking despite knowing that his health is at stake..would he stop smoking if the environment is in danger??of course not!!

  6. oh!!Early humans may have bred with other species – twice … a captivating title…however, the content is intrestening but usual not as the title!

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