Posted by: r.m. | April 22, 2010

the awe of this Earth

More glorious pictures of weird and wonderful species

– “The Heart of Borneo, an ‘island within an island’ is home to 10 species of primate, more than 350 birds, 150 reptiles and amphibians and a staggering 10,000 plants that are found nowhere else in the world”

A flying frog that changes color from day to night – and whose eyes change color as well … a half-a-meter long stick insect… and a lung-less frog ..and more



  1. flyin frogs, lungless frogs, half a meter insects?
    this seems like fiction. yet, everything is possible on this planet and i would really be interested in knowing more about such fascinating phenomena.

  2. God’s creation is amazing, you’d be amazed to see or hear about these weird creatures that share this world with us. Where is that place? looks great from the picture, and this whole green vegetation.

  3. Marvelous species! I don’t know whether this is considered as evolution, adaptation, spontaneous mutations or another process.. But what is its scientific explanation? What’s its benefits to these species? Would their life span change? and what about their productivity? All these questions one would think about. Nature is creating unknown species everyday. But at the end what will be the result of these changes? Only God knows!

  4. Really Amazing and fascinating creatures here , this by the way shows us all the importance of having conservation sites like that of Borneo and that we still have much more to learn about the world around us. My most amazing creature here is the Chan’s megastick it really looks like a stick and nothing like an insect never knew such insect even existed and still litlle is known about it, it really is an extraordinary creature. Would like to know more about this insect .

  5. Amazing species! there’s nothing impossible in the planet. and im sure there are alot of species that exist in the planet and yet we dont know about them at all:)

  6. One of the last heavens on earth
    Wow I thought that it was a masterpiece drawn by some artist, or a portrait in a movie. IT IS REAL!
    I do not doubt that the heart of Borneo has such a spices diversity, who does not want to live in wonderland! Of course not we, since we humans have touched with our black hand everything, maybe the authorities should form a union in order to protect such “heavens.”

  7. very nice picture..and the good thing is that this place exists which is a direct proof that our planet earth was once like that before we humans destroyed most of it!!so our only goal should be to protect such amazing creatures and keep this land away from destruction!!

  8. It is still amazing to see that even with all the human activity and enchroachment on wild habitat, we still continue to discover new and amazing species that transcend our imaginantion. Absolutly breathtaking.

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