Posted by: r.m. | April 23, 2010

Avator and Science

Check out this short photographic essay by Time Magazine on the Real Science of Avatar — how James Cameron was inspired by our real Pandora, our Mother Earth



  1. I remember thinking to myself on my way out of the movies How can I visit just for a day the “Hallelujah Mountains”, now I realise that they are the same ones as the China’s Huangshan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I admire that the movie emphasizes the idea that “All life on earth is connected” and i pity the reality that James Cameron’s best selling Avatar was a way for us to realise it :S…..
    Nature is a unity, nature is perfection and by forcing our neural connections to function properly we can also reach the unity, power and spiritualism portrait in Avatar.

  2. WOW i imagined that everything in this movie was inspired by Earth except for the mountains!! i can’t believe that such scenery actually exists!
    Avatar was a message to all of us to fight for what we have, fight for our planet which provided us with life but yet not for too long if we do not find solutions for the ecological problems before it is too late! Great movie with great effects and with a great message!

  3. Well it is very interesting how everything is related to earth from the mountains to the animal creatures and the trees.. it’s a great movie indeed, it’s a pity it didn’t won in the awards, because it reflect big issues we are facing in our current world from ecological problems and how humans are killing mother nature which is the ultimate source that every living thing feeds on.Morever I think the movie reflect another issue which is how the Americans are dominating over everything. They used all the resources on earth after invading most of the earth ans still it’s not enough, they had to go to pandora for resources. they want everything for themselves and nothing would stop them to get what they want.
    Finally, there is a great documentary movie in theater called Ocean World i advice everyone to go and watch it, it amazing how a different world full of life lives there, and we don’t notice it.

  4. AMAZING!! what a great inspired person!! Cameron really grabs our attention and makes us aware of what we’re missing around us.. We are truly underestimating the magic on our planet.. And unfortunately it’s really too bad that Earth is being destroyed bit by bit..

  5. it is logical that the movie characters were inspired from real life since our imagination is an exageration of reality!!! but what amazed me is the degree of creativity present and how a movie was used as an eye-opener on earth-related issues.

  6. avatar is a movie experience unlike any other! it is charged with singularity and emotions. And the way the dirctor makes science meets art is unique! Many comments concerning this movie were pejorative but that’s only because these people couldnt read the story between the lines. The message that was delivered is really deep and most become an alerting priority to us.

  7. Maybe avatar should become “based on a true scenery”, i would really respect a person who has a immagination able to creat a whole new world, simply by “translocating” sceneries from mother earth as “the China’s Huangshan”, into a fictional movie; “Hallelujah Mountains.” This is another movie that shows the awe of the earth to our intervention and crimes. However i would really think that James Cameron should have emphasised more on how the connections between nature and humans are to be cut and burned as humans were burning the earth. Yes he was showing an alternate way but such a moovie would not touch people that much, beauty is not sharp. He should have envisioned the “armagedong avatar” showing along the way how would earth fall appart.

  8. in truth when i watched avatar, i wanted my money back. However James Cameron gave some nice ideas about what extraterrestrial fauna and flora would look like. i also admired the fact the he maintained the law of conservation of energy which made the movie a whole lot interesting. The story line sucked though :p

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