Posted by: r.m. | April 23, 2010

Environmental good news

Okay – my students continue to ask for good news. And good news — or, more accurately, — news of good news is in short supply.

So, here’s some good news…How to save an island

and here’s some more good news: Green machine: Power from the people (London-based architectural research firm Facility: Innovate is developing an energy harvester for crowded areas such as sports arenas and shopping centres. The technology will be invisible to the people it feeds on: they will simply walk over what looks like a normal floor tile. But their steps will push down on a pneumatic device that drives air through a turbine to generate electricity, says managing director Oliver Schneider. People will feel only a slight movement at most, like stepping on an entrance mat, he says.)

To be more accurate – these are good-news steps. ; – )



  1. simple foot steps could generate electricity. if this project works we would be indeed on the right track to save our world. using the human brain and potentials for such projects is exactly what’s needed.

  2. Every thing starts with a first step. And good-news steps are what we care about. However, what is ironic is that the same human, who is destroying Earth, is now putting strategies to save it. But the question is: Are these plans going to be applied for real? and Is this going to work and save the world or it is too late for that?

  3. these are really good news! for the first time humans will use their brains for something aother than their own interest or at least apparently because if what is happening was not threatening us we wouldnt have done anything to make the situation better. But in all the cases let’s hope this works! it will be a nice begining.

  4. This is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard; humans are so pathetic (I’m one of them.) Why do we need to hold our ear from the other way around? The sun shines so brightly and radiantly we could use it energy to generate the triple of such sophisticated machine! An experiment was performed showing that three marathoner cyclers did not generate the 2% that could have generated a solar system in one hour!

  5. thats very gd news..and the interesting thing is that it is soo simple..and the amount of energy could be huge..imagine the amount of energy of 7 billion people!!

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