Posted by: r.m. | April 29, 2010

climate change and kidney stones?

Can Global Warming Give You Kidney Stones?


  1. I’ve always known that climate change would eventually affect our health, but never thought it would be so direct and so relatively fast.
    indeed, if you think logically, it is only a matter of time before climate change causes more than kidney stones. I believe that on the longer term it could lead to highre rates of mortality and shorter life span.
    And one other disadvantage is that insurance companies are changing their policies in a way that will cost them less but at the same time serve and help us less.

  2. i always believed that climate change will impact our lives after all we are merely human being that interact with the nature and can be affected by its chang as much as animals are, but i am starting to think that climate change is happening much faster than i though and that it has a much much deeper impact that i thought it would have ! .but i have huge faith in sciences and that future medical care are promising

  3. I can’t believe that all people can think about is business. Insurance companies are worried… are you kidding me? it is more than a business, it is more than kidney stones or heart attacks or whatever…. it is literally the beginning of the end of humanity!

  4. I never thought it would be that much direct. people literally are dying from an increase in temperature. Also since the expectations are announcing that the increase will still be increasing, then the direct effect will be more direct. More people are going to die and if we thought that they are going to be our children we will be wrong because they will be us!!!

  5. climate change has always been a very debatable issue, nonetheless it remains the reason behind a lot of the natural disasters and diseases nowadays. us humans were stupid enough to produce and to trigger the climate change not knowing what the consequences of our actions would be. all we cared about was making more money. it is still the case now, since after all the disasters the world is going through, and after the public awareness that the world is literally reaching a dead end quicker than expected, people only care about making money, not about how to save the world. they don’t think that investing money now will save humanity. and will help save a lot of money on the long run. our stupidity is very funny. we are literally killing ourselves without doing anything to stop it.

  6. climate change is having more and more effects on humans’ health, which is very much expected. We’ve already seen its effects on animals, why would humans be any different? Seriously, although no one expected a direct effect of it, but it’s happening, and i believe that people should be educated and enlightened. They need to see what’s happening on the ground so that they can be aware of the outcome of their actions. Maybe then they’d change something… Yet, i doubt, unless it hits them individually, humans’ remain selfish and blunt.

  7. I’m not surprised by such a news, since our body function in a total harmony, a simple heart malfunctioning could kill us!
    I would not be surprised that “more than 600 people died from heat-related illnesses.” i just remembered the people who were not adapted to hot temperatures and died in Europe over the hot temperatures (as closing windows and opening fans!)
    Let’s just note that instead of caring about insurance policies and how to cope with such crises, let’s target the “heart of the problem” and get rid of “global warming.”

  8. As Micheal Gresty said, It is a “time bomb”! Climate change’s effect is an issue of time. People are aware that there are a climate change but they are not well adapted to cope with these temperature variation in summers as well as in winters. Indications and advises should be published for people in places of extreme dangerous temperature variation in order to overcome its devastating effects on human health. People who are not well educated and experienced will try to cope in different ways that will not be suitable and thus may lead to death.

  9. it is not a new thing that insurance companies always fight for their own benefit..but the thing at stake here is far more valuable than money or any is human lives!!!i beleive that climate change effect is more than kidney damage..there are many other deadly diseases!!

  10. if only people associated the pain from passing kidney stones to the pain our earth suffers from climate change i think they’ll think twice before doing anything. OUCH

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