Posted by: r.m. | May 4, 2010

Jordan River

Check out this article on the Jordan River (Jordan River will be dead by next year, environmentalists say)

The article does not contextualize the situation, though. It is an incomplete discussion to talk about the Jordan River without talking about the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Israel’s crimes throughout the land of Palestine.

From the Palestine Media Center: The headwaters of the Jordan River lie in Lebanon, [the Zionist Entity] and Syria (including the Golan Heights occupied by Israel since 1967). These join to form the Upper Jordan River which flows into Lake Tiberias (also called the Sea of Galilee). After leaving Lake Tiberias, the Lower Jordan River forms the boundary between Israel [The Zionist Entity] and Jordan and then between the Occupied West Bank and Jordan, before flowing into the Dead Sea. There are thus five riparian parties to the Jordan River: Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Syria and the Occupied West Bank.
Israel withdraws water from the north-western portion of Lake Tiberias and transports it out of the Jordan River Basin through its National Water Carrier to coastal cities and the Negev Desert. The amount of water extracted is such that very little water flows naturally out of Lake Tiberias. This means that only a trickle passes along the West Bank in the bed of the Lower Jordan River. In addition, Israel has denied Palestinians access to the entire Lower Jordan River since 1967. After the start of Israel’s military occupation in 1967, Israel declared West Bank land adjacent to the Jordan River a “closed military zone,” to which only Israeli settler farmers have been permitted access.

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  1. I was really shocked when reading this news. I really don’t know how a government should accept the hapenning of this kind of problem, and I think they really should work on decreasing their consumption ( for industry and agriculture use). In fact, if this will not take place “Without concrete action, the LJR (lower Jordan River) is expected to run dry at the end of 2011.”

  2. Nowadays strange things are happening. when i read this article, i was really surprised,how come such disaster is expected to happen and no one is seriously caring about it?????!!!!!

  3. since water is vital source of life and continuity, i find it devious that israel is following this strategy.
    reducing the availability of water in surrounding arabic countries will limit their economical grows to a large extent leaving the upper hand to israel.

  4. acknowledging the problem is the first step, working to overcome it, and learning from it is the step that follows. the arabs already know that their water resources are being threatened by “outside powers” that are claiming their so called rights in the waters. the tiberias lake is just one of the simple examples of this phenomenon. i think it is about time the arabs woke up to the reality they are living in, and thought a little bit about what they are heading towards. if they think that living in a place where water is not as present as nowadays is fine, then so be it, if not, if they think that they should hold on to their lawful rights in their land and their waters, then they should all unite and fight away the intruders that are exploiting our resources.

  5. It really is a shame , the river being extremely saline ,filled with sewage , and drying out next year. Where were the 3 countries before ?? What was on their mind? I guess being busy thinking of destroying one another was the only thing on their mind. It saddens me that man never at least tries to stop bad from happening , they dont even care!! Well it is a loss to humanity as a whole losing such a valuable historic and symbolic river but the major loss is to those 3 careless countries. don’t they know how extremely vital a river is , how rich in biodiversity a clean river can be. Let them at least try to listen and study Friends of earth’s proposal of pumping huge amounts of fresh water into the river so at least we can say they tried to save the river.

  6. what is there left to say… Rivers fading away, humans’ health affected, animals migrating while others are dying if not going to extinction… That’s really life threatning.Although we’re seeing it happening, we remain motionless, if not for few individuals that are trying to make a change, no action is being done. That’s really sad…

  7. it is a huge shock to know that such a sacred and historical river is nearly dead..and to think that the solution is still there and no one is trying to execute is a great loss to humanity!!!

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