Posted by: r.m. | May 5, 2010


The Guardian has posted pictures of the ten worst eco-cides

Check it out.  Note, however, that wars are (unfortunately) missing from that picture — and wars and ongoing occupation have proven themselves to be environmentally destructive.



  1. This is really scary.. And it’s funny how humans harm nature which then turns this damage back on them.. (we spill oil in the sea, we drink it back and get poisened!)
    This is truly an ecocide and indeed it’s not far from becoming a genocide.. I just hope people would wake up, take a step back and observe how we’re threatening our lives by wrecking our environment!

  2. Honestly, the first thing that came to my mind when i saw the pictures was ”what the hell am i seeing?”. I mean what the hell is this black world in Linfen, the most polluted city in China? the world was not created like this. Those pictures actually reminded me of avatar specially the one talking about Dongria Kondh tribe members. How great it can be if humans can reestablish this special and unique relationship with their mother nature; if they regained its trust again because as long as they continue to violate it, it will put them to their knees in its subsequent revolution against humanity!

  3. when i saw these pictures I knew how i really love my nature and how I am worried about it.
    I just want to know why we are doing such things while we know its consequences.
    I really hope to have a complete awareness in people; so that, hopefully, will change

  4. looking at these pictures, i can see how harmful us humans are to the nature. it is very ironic that we know the exact impact of our actions and yet we do them anyways. the harm that is alleged to the nature is hitting us back right in the face whether we like it or not, it is probably nature’s way of repaying us back the harm and damage we’ve done to it. all the wars, oil spills, garbage, wastes, ….. are getting back to us. drinking water is non drinkable anymore, technology is now the main reason for asthma, cancer and much more diseases caused by pollution. the world should wake up! we should stop the destruction of nature because it is now repaying us by autodestructing itself

  5. they should have added pictures from Iraq or Palestine. There is also the oil spill in Louisianna. Two months ago, Obama was saying they are planning on building a bigger platform “because it doesn’t cause any harm” :S

  6. after seeing those pictures,,i was tottaly shocked.but as usual ,humans are used to cause harm to their nature…prtotecting nature is what we must do nowadays.

  7. I was mostly shocked by the individuals that also got caught into these pictures. Ignorance terrifies me… We should not be blaming the ones who contributed to these ecological distructions, we should be blaming ourselves for being the passive viewers of our world’s fall down. Instead of talking about revolution START one!!!!!!!

  8. interesting!

  9. Hollywood directors should use such pictures for the horror movies they create. I was really shocked by such “portraits of nature”. One of these reminds me of the oil spill crises caused by Israel bombarding el Jiyyeh tanks and it felt so pathetic. Ignorance is so easy and infectious therefore we need to spread awareness with all our efforts. Or as I have recently read in a book “that if we reach a point in our system that the damage is gigantic and we can do nothing about it, the best solution is to destroy the old system and to build a new one” and this is what nature would be doing if we don’t stop hurting it.

  10. ok.. these pictures are indeed horrifying… speechless

  11. these pictures should be posted all over the world onbig bulletin boards as a wake up call to all the human kind so everybody can see the worrifying consequences of human greed.

  12. OMG! This is really disturbing. I think that these pictures are a tiny sample of what humans are doing to the world. Much more devastating scenes are still undercovered and not yet exposed to the public. Decades later, seeing a beautiful natural view would be impossible in reality but it will only be possible from the archives or screensavers or really old pictures that the grandparents once saw in their life!
    Huge effective focus should be done.. If people from all over the world don’t know what are the future consequences of such destructions, nobody will do any move. People from all age, section, parts of the society should be made aware about the current situation.
    Moreover, current consequences should be assessed rather than saying what is coming in the future! People are selfish and thus won’t care about the future generations, hence exposing the negative consequences to their own life will be more effective to try finding solutions.

  13. Damage caused in few days requires long years of work, that is the nature tendancy towards disturbance, we should be aware because protection is better than treatment

  14. Pictures that really make you sick . Man not only Destroyed earth , but come on SPACE!!!!! This just makes one say that Humans are simply destruction machines that destroy everything around them and anywhere they can reach, not caring about anything that might result from that. The deep ocean , the Amazon forest , Africa, and I still can’t get over it SPACE. I really wish we could do anything about it.

  15. these are pictures that show us the whole truth!!we never knew that humans can be harmeful to this extent…we should work hard in order to fight this crime!!

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