Posted by: r.m. | May 26, 2010


Yes, I know, it is not good news.

Still, here’s the latest news on the permanent killing of species we (humans) are doing to our home



  1. it is really unconfortable hearing how species are getting closer to the tipping point and extinction since this balance would eventually affect us one way or the other.
    the idea of domesticating blue fin tuna is very brilliant one but shouldn’t the tuna be returned to nature eventually to be able to reestablish the previous species balance?????

  2. We should be aware that any extinction of any specie has an effect on us either, direct or indirect. However, we as humans should respect the existence of other species and their abundances because Earth is not for us only but belongs for all. Humans should instead work to preserve other species for our own benefits. It is so sad to know that these beautiful creatures are going extinct 😦 more organizations should be done for their protection.

  3. A prodigual summer is one of the best novels that i have read, Humans think that they can live in solitude, but they would find something missing. Therefore we don’t care about extinction and exctinct species, In contrary to humans beleive the interactions among species in the ecosystem is so peculiar and diverse that we can’t see it.
    In the book they focus on coyotes but what about the “alaotra grebe”.
    Instead of finding ways to domesticate the species why don’t we conserve it from the first place?

  4. unfortunately, the rate of extinction at which species are leaving the earth forever is very fast. Some say that a specie get extinct every day! But what I am interested in is looking for means for preservation of endangered species. The domestication of blue fin tuna seems to be a good idea to preserve the tuna but what I want to ask about is what if this domestication led to the extinction of the wild tuna and the domesticated tuna adapted into a different form, hence we will still be loosing the wild tuna!! Should we look for other means? Is this mean applicable to other species too?

  5. there are so many species that are actually on the verge of extinction and specialists try their best to prevent that, which is a good thing since few people feel involved in this issue. Extinction of species should really be dealt with carefully and professionally. I believe that we shouldn’t change the way these tuna live by domesticating them because we would be changing the way they were created in nature and changing the way they are. I believe that the sole way to prevent their extinction is by really going deeper inside the reasons behind it and treating them. We don’t want to help further extinction, we want to eliminate the reasons behind extinction of species in the first place. Therefore, i believe that this issue should be addressed differently.

  6. I don’t think that we should harm a specie to save another specie from extinction. I don’t believe it is a good idea to change the lifestyle of tuna fish because this may decline their ability for adaptation. I think we mostly need to domesticate humans behavior not animals behavior.

  7. its just sad to see that as human beings who have massively “contributed” to the extinction of many species, we still do not learn from our mistakes. Whilst probable domestication of a species may prevent its demise many other inhabitants are put at risk via this domestication process and the “saved” species itself will not have any more habitat to return to making it condemned rather than saved.

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