Posted by: r.m. | May 31, 2010


The Israeli Terrorist Army has attacked the Gaza Freedom Flotilla Convoy. Latest count: 22 activists killed. 60 Injured.

A protest has been organized for today, at 12, near ESCWA (Beirut) against this latest of Israeli crimes


  1. come on… the israeli army attacked gaza and still for some reason there isn’t any real and concrete response to that. they attack a UN ship and still it seems that’s not enough for them to take action. seriously now!

  2. What do you mean “no response to that”?

    Due to worldwide protests:
    * Nicaragua has suspended diplomatic relations with Israel
    * Turkey has threatened that the next aid boats to Gaza will be accompanied by the Turkish Navy
    * Mubarak was forced to open the Rafah Crossing to Gaza — unknown for how long and how complete an opening
    * Sweden requests cancellation of national youth soccer team’s match in Israel
    * Kuwaiti government canceled its support of the Arab Initiative (a terrible proposal)
    and meanwhile
    * ‘The European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza announced on Wednesday that they received funding for three more ships to be part of a new Gaza-bound flotilla dubbed “Freedom 2”

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