Posted by: r.m. | July 1, 2010

water shortages… 6 of the top 10 are arab countries

the ten countries most at risk from water shortage are: Somalia (1), Mauritania (2), Sudan (3), Niger (4), Iraq (5), Uzbekistan (6), Pakistan (7), Egypt (8), Turkmenistan (9) and Syria (10).



  1. Water is running out in most of the Arab countries. What is next? Maybe one of the possible solutions is getting water from outside of the Arab countries until water will run out completely!!! What about this solution: Taking efficient solutions toward conserving water in the Arab countries? Or, what about: Getting water from Urine??

  2. Water is running out in most of the Arab countries. What is next? What about this solution? Getting water from outside of the Arab countries until water will run out completely!!!! What about taking serious actions to conserve water? Or if not, what about getting water from Urine??!! Yes, a disgusting solution.

  3. i guess that the water problem is not one that is only facing Arab countries and thus it can’t be solved by Arabs alone. It is more and more a worldwide issue that needs international intervention to stop it. All my life i’ve been a believer that technology brings with it pollution, and i gues we all know that Arabs don’t have the level of technology as other countries do, so it’s most probably the waste produced by others and in thrown in our lands that is the cause of all these troubles. It’s not a coincidence that all of the countries in the Top !0 are all non-developed or under-developed countries, or the term i like to use: “dependent countries”, since most of them hae faced wars that were brought onto them, or are facing political struggles that delay their development to the benefit of-Oh! what a surprise!- the “developed” countries. i guess that the problem of water is only one of many results from the political weaknesses faced by such countries. Thank God that water is not a problem in Lebanon (for now, at least).

  4. Dear Fouad,

    The question is: what can Arab countries do? The problem is not simply international. There are numerous local management problems.

    [PS. Note, for extra credit you need to comment on articles from February 2011 and newer, not older]

  5. Dear Doctor,
    I think you’re right in saying that the reasons are mostly local management problems, but how can we expect Arab leaders to look into their management problems when they are not even in control of their own selves ? I seriously think that the main problem behind all ecological problems is due to the interference of politics with ecology…

  6. Dear Fouad,

    We don’t expect them to act out of character.
    The question is: how do we demand it out of them?

    I agree: our problems are political and economic. Thus, they can be solved. If we organize…

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